Sushi, Shopping and Dancing

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Equator Hostel on April 17, 2009.  We left our backpacks at hostel.  We walked across the street to the Times Square Mall.  Ivan and Jennifer both had a noodle dish with chicken. 


I had a noodle soup dish with bananas.  It was good.

Ivan and I went to the theme park.  It’s the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia.  It’s weird that it’s located inside the mall. 


We rode a couple rides.  It was fun!  Ivan didn’t think it was thrilling enough though. 

Jennifer didn’t feel like going on rides.  She went shopping instead.  She wanted to find a spa.  But, it seems the facials are too expensive.  There are tons of Slimming places at the mall. 

Ivan and Jennifer did the Dr. Fish thing.  It’s quite popular here.  They have a few places that do it.  The fish bite off the dead skin on the feet. 


They said it’s ticklish at first – but then you get used to it. I didn’t fancy sticking my little monkey feet in there though – so I just sat and watched and munched on a banana.

We took a taxi to the Reggae Guesthouse.  We checked in there.  There was a mix-up with the booking.  You have to arrive 3 hours from the time you put down for your check-in time or they can give up your room.  Ivan has seen this at other hotels and it’s never been a problem.  So, we were going to be in a dorm for one night.  Ivan and Jennifer both got the bottom bunk bed.  There are six beds in the mixed dorm.  Also, this place has shared bathrooms.  It seems like that at most hostels in Kuala Lumpur.  The bathrooms here are really clean though. 

We went to the Saisaki Japanese Buffet.  We arrived right before opening.  This buffet is filled with tons of sushi and other things like salads, desserts, fish, edamame and make your own soups. 


Ivan and Jennifer were excited to eat so much sushi.  I had the chef make some banana sushi for me.  We ate so much food.  It was great!

Ivan wanted to walk off the sushi.  We went to the Petronas Twin Towers. 


It’s the tallest twin towers in the world.  We went to the mall area.  Ivan thought there was a water show.  But, it turned out to be plain fountains.

We walked back to Chinatown.  Ivan wanted to check out the Beatles Bar.  The only Beatles things about the bar are the sign outside, a sign outside with Beatles art and the Beatles music. 


Ivan and Jennifer smoked Banana Shisha.  I convinced them that it would taste really good.  I wish I could have smoked some, but I’m too young. 


Ivan and Jen thought the Banana Shisha tasted good.  They finished the shisha and then we left.

We walked around the markets in Chinatown.  Everybody was tired – so we walked back to the Reggae Guesthouse.

We went to lunch at the Old China Cafe on April 18, 2009.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with Top Hats for a starter.  It actually looks like a top hat. 


You put the sauce, vegetables and chicken inside.  I tried one with a few banana slices and it was pretty good.  Ivan and Jennifer both ordered the Mee Siam. 


I had a rice dish with bananas. 

We walked to the Central Market.  Ivan and Jennifer looked at souvenirs.  Jennifer bought a few things.  We walked around more.  It’s nice to see the city when you’re walking around.  The old buildings are cool.  We wanted to walk to Little India.  It started raining though. 

We hopped into a taxi.  We reached our destination of Sungei Wang. It’s a great shopping mall with unique shops.  The clothes here are really cheap.  It’s only 15 RM for a t-shirt.  Ivan and Jennifer bought some cool t-shirts. 

Jennifer got a facial and a wax.  Ivan and I went shopping while Jen was at the spa. 

We went to Nando’s for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the Novo Pita to start.  I had the chicken and banana dish with rice.  Ivan ordered a chicken sandwich with potato salad. 


Jennifer had the chicken pita with corn on the cob.  The food tasted good.

We went back to the guesthouse to rest for a short while.  We got ready for a night out.

We took a taxi to Zouk.  It’s a nightclub that has 5 rooms with different types of music in each one.  There’s one room with techno, another with hip hop and one with funk and disco.  We danced around in three rooms. 


There was a fashion show in the funk and disco room.  The set-up of the club is stupid.  You have to walk outside to get to some of the different rooms.  Our favorite room was Velvet Underground.  They played music from 70’s up to present music. 

Jen at Zouk 

We had lots of fun dancing.  Everyone kept on laughing and pointing at me – I guess they are not used to seeing a dancing monkey in this nightclub. This is a great nightclub if you like to choose what types of music to dance to. 

We took a taxi back to Chinatown.  We were all hungry.  There was a Chinese restaurant open. 


We all ordered Singapore Meehoon.  It was really good!  Then, we walked back to the guesthouse to get some sleep.

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