Monkeying Around the World

Lil Dave’s Adventures with Ivan and Jennifer


Lil Dave, Ivan and Jennifer are traveling around the world. This blog shows their adventures on the road starting on October 1, 2008 through November 3rd. The whole trip was planned for a year but ended up being 13 months.

Lil Dave was born on May 10, 2000 as Dave Junior. He’s lived in California, Texas, England and Las Vegas. He is an active monkey. He loves bananas. He loves making food and playing in the secret tree house with his friends in Las Vegas. He’s looking forward to traveling around the world because he gets to try different bananas. ┬áLil Dave would like to have his own restaurant one day where he makes signature banana dishes.

Other Characters

Jennifer has lived in Las Vegas for most of her life. She’s a small Filipino woman who enjoys anime, manga, reading, the internet, cartoons, digitial photography and music. She doesn’t take life too seriously. She loves to laugh and make jokes. She hasn’t traveled much before. She is looking forward to the backpacking trip. Jennifer hopes it will be a great learning experience. She would love to become an anime voice actress someday.

Ivan is a man from England. He has many talents such as performing hypnosis, playing the piano and doing magic tricks. He loves theatre, meeting new people, food, movies and music. Ivan is very spontaneous. He’s had tons of adventures backpacking around the world. He hopes to have his own hypnosis show in the future. Catch up with Ivan on his travel blog.

Big Dave is Lil Dave’s dad. He has worked a variety of jobs such as a kung fu instructor on trampolines, a banana pizza maker and a banana quality inspector. He enjoys cooking his famous banana pizzas. He won’t reveal his secret recipe even to Lil Dave! Dave’s other interests include banana beer, music and movies. Currently, he resides in England at Ivan’s parent’s home.

The Story

Ivan and Jennifer met in Las Vegas at the International Swizzle Stick Collectors convention. Their love of great food, Las Vegas shows and house music brought them closer together. They have shared their own adventures like Burning Man and having dinner with Nessie, the Loch Ness monster in Scotland.

On December 16, 2007, Ivan and Jennifer ventured over to Circus Circus to play arcade games and have fun on the rides. Ivan wanted to impress Jennifer by winning her a monkey. They both played multiple midway games. Ivan won the first monkey. It was a cute, small monkey. Jennifer thought the little monkey would be lonely. So, they decided to try for another monkey. They played even more games to get enough prizes to win a big monkey. Ivan got a big monkey that looked similar to the first monkey he won. They took the monkeys home. Little did they know that the two monkeys were related. Ivan and Jennifer soon learned that the monkeys were both named Dave and they were father and son. The monkeys couldn’t believe their luck! Big Dave went to go search for a job. He got a great acrobatic job at the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere.

Big Dave worked as a kung fu performer on his trampoline at the traveling carnival last year. Dave and Lil Dave traveled around the United States for four months. Lil Dave thought it was great fun. The carnies thought that Dave’s show wasn’t that popular anymore. Dave lost his job. But, he didn’t just leave and go out to find a new job. The carnies decided to sell the monkeys. There was a shady man who was looking for animals to sell at amusement parks. The carnies made a profit by selling the Daves to this man. The man stuffed them into a big box that already had other types of animals inside. He sold the animals to Circus Circus in Las Vegas. The father and son monkey team were only at Circus Circus for two weeks before Ivan and Jennifer came along and rescued them.

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