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Bowling and Wine

Bowling and Wine

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to lunch at a noodle place on April 19, 2009.  The noodles tasted alright.  We chilled in the room for most of the day. 

At the Reggae Guesthouse, the guests place their shoes by the door.  The door is locked and can be opened with a code.  We came down to go somewhere.  Jennifer’s shoes weren’t there.  Anybody could have taken them.  Or even somebody came in and stole the shoes.  It was odd though that some Zoo York shoes were still there as they are quite expensive shoes.  Jennifer was mad.  She also couldn’t believe somebody would steal her stinky shoes.  She’s used these Merrell shoes almost everyday for 6 1/2 months.  Ivan wanted to see the video of the shoe rack.  It was actually near the shoe rack.  But, it might show somebody taking the shoes.  We had to wait for the owner to come.  It turned out that Jennifer’s shoes were right in between some plants.  We thought it was weird that one of the employees found it.  Jennifer was really relieved.  We weren’t sure if we could find some waterproof shoes in her size in town.  Jennifer is now going to take her shoes inside our room.  She doesn’t want her shoes actually taken.

We had some dinner on the streets.  We ordered roti canai  – a traditional Malaysian dish.  I put bananas on top of the roti canai.  The roti canai was okay. 


It wasn’t crunchy enough.  Ivan ordered some chicken satay.  I asked the man for chicken and banana satay.  He agreed to make me some.  It was good, but a bit oily.

We got a taxi to the Times Square Mall.  Ivan wanted to go bowling. Ivan and Jennifer got shoes.  The shoes were too big for their feet.  They don’t have monkey-sized shoes.  So, I had to bowl barefoot.  I searched for a really light ball.  I found one that was really light.  Jennifer has been bowling for a long time.  She has bowled in leagues.  She hasn’t played in awhile.  Ivan is very competitive.  He tries really hard to beat Jennifer in bowling.  I have never bowled before.  I had to push the ball since my monkey fingers don’t fit.  I didn’t knock down many pins, a the ball kept on going down the gutter and missing the pins – so I hatched a plan. I waited for Ivan and Jennifer to turn their backs  – and then once I was sure the coast was clear, I ran down the bowling alley and pushed a couple of pins over with my little monkey paws. Then I ran back to the top again before anyone noticed!


Here’s our scores for the first game: Ivan – 99, Jen – 126, and I bowled a 10.  The next game scores were:  Ivan – 95, Jen – 130 and I bowled a 15.  The last game scores were:  Ivan – 105, Jen – 119 and I bowled a 20.  The last game was close for Ivan and Jen.  We had loads of fun bowling. 

We were all hungry since we didn’t eat much street food earlier.  We stopped at Subway and ate sandwiches.

We went back to the guesthouse.  I had planned a Banana and Wine event for the evening.  Ivan bought the wine since I’m too young to purchase and drink it.  I picked out some good bananas for our event – a few were aged bananas from Thailand and I got a hold of two bananas from Brazil.  We chatted while we ate bananas.  I bought a fruity juice for me.  I pretended like it was wine but I don’t think it tasted the same.


Ivan and Jen liked the wine Ivan picked.  It was very fruity.  The bananas were a hit.  I think the event went rather well.  It was the first event I’ve ever planned.  The original concept was a wine and cheese event.  But, since I’m a monkey – I thought a Banana and Wine event would be better.  After the event finished, I went to sleep.  Ivan and Jennifer watched the movie Four Rooms.

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