Lovely Lijiang

We arrived in Panzhihua around 8 am on October 30, 2008.  We took a long taxi ride to the bus station.  We bought bread, bananas and dried tofu for breakfast.  We got on a bus heading to Lijiang.  It was going to be a 7 hour ride.  We were the only ones on the bus.  Ivan was watching shows on the laptop.  Jennifer slept a lot.  It was a bumpy ride.  We would jump in the air every now and then.  We arrived in Lijiang at 4 pm.  Ivan, Jennifer and I went to Panba Guesthouse to check in.  We were staying in the Old Town of Lijiang.  It’s the ancient part of the city.  It has cobblestone roads and the buildings look old.


It’s a really charming place.  There’s lots of shops and restaurants.

We walked around town and found The Prague Cafe.  We went inside to have dinner.  Ivan had a tuna sandwich.  Jennifer enjoyed her margarita pizza.  I got a banana pizza.  The food was quite good.  The waitress added up the order wrong.  Ivan corrected her and paid the right amount.  We checked out the town and then headed back to the Guesthouse.  We chilled downstairs by the fireplace.  I just listened to music on Jennifer’s iPod while Ivan and Jennifer watched Family Guy.

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Panba Guesthouse on Friday, October 31, 2008.  We walked to Mama Naxi’s Guesthouse.  The lady said that it was Mama No. 1.  The room was fine.  The dinner is served at Mama #3 and Mama stays there.  So, we left our luggage there and went to see Mama No. 3.  The room looked good and it was bigger place.  The dining area has internet and a library of books.  After we put our backpacks down, we were greeted by Mama in the dining area.  She gave us hot tea.  We sat down and drank tea.  One of the girls who work there gave us bananas.  How nice!  Apparently, it’s a bit hard for travelers to find the Mama Gueshouses. The address for Mama No. 3 is No. 70, WenHua alley, WuYi Street in Ancient Town of Lijiang.

We walked down the street to order some lunch.  We stopped in at Petit Lijiang Bookcafe.  Ivan had the spinach soup and a egg sandwich.  Jennifer had the tuna sandwich.  I just ate two bananas.  We paid for the meal but wasn’t given the correct change.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  We ventured into Old Town and checked out all the shops selling souvenirs, art and clothes.


The town is like an intimate little village.  It even has a river running through it with goldfish swimming around.  Too bad there’s not a monkey park.  We went back to the guesthouse to relax a bit.  Dinner is served at 6 pm.  It’s a family style dinner for 10 Yuan.  I special ordered a banana and chicken dish for me.  The food is real good.  Ivan and Jennifer were satisfied after dinner.  We didn’t do much that night.  Ivan was going to Tiger Leaping Gorge in the morning with two British backpackers.  Jennifer chose to stay in town since the two day trek wouldn’t be good for her ankles.

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