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Climbing Mt. Emei and a Scary Monkey

Climbing Mt. Emei and a Scary Monkey

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Teddy Bear Hotel on October 28, 2008.  I wish I could have taken Ted traveling with us.  We’re off again to another adventure.  All this moving around takes a lot out this cute monkey!  We put our luggage in the luggage storage room.  They lent us walking sticks since we were headed up the mountain.  Jennifer’s walking stick was an umbrella.  It looked like it was going to rain today.  Jennifer said that her calf hurt.  We walked to the bus station next door and it took us to the bottom of the mountain.  There’s a row of shops in the square where we were dropped off.  Ivan was searching for a fleece jacket.  He couldn’t find a fleece one.  He did buy a yellow one which was a little too small for him.  It must have been a large size for a Chinese man.  Ivan and Jennifer bought hats to keep them warm.  We started walking.  I was in Jennifer’s small backpack.  The stairs seemed so high and they just kept coming.  The views were amazing.  It was a cold day and it was raining as well. 


Jennifer started to whine.  She has bad ankles (she’s sprained her right ankle twice before).  She’s doesn’t enjoy a lot of hiking because it puts a strain on her ankle.  I don’t know why she complained so much.  But, I can’t really talk since I was being taken around in her backpack. 

At one point, there was a porter service.  It’s men who take you and carry you around.  Ivan bought one for Jennifer.  They were going to be going downhill.  These two men were really fast.  I’m not sure how they keep such a fast speed. 


Jennifer felt like she was royalty being carried around.  We stopped for a snack.  It was fried potatoes on a stick brushed with a red spice.  I just ate a lovely banana.

We kept walking even more.  It was really beautiful on the mountain.


We wanted to see the wild monkeys.  You can feed them food that they sell.  If the monkeys notice you are carrying food, sometimes they will jump on you.  It was great seeing a lot of monkeys around.  Jennifer had a water bottle on the outside of her backpack.  A monkey tried to snatch it, thinking there was food inside. 


I tried to talk to a few of the monkeys.  I think they were saying that they liked the mountain. 

We saw a really big monkey while walking.  He was pretty scary.  He kept growling at us.  A Chinese man was trying to help us out.  He tried to hold Jennifer’s hand to help her.  This monkey kept following us.  He was really scary.  I was hiding in the backpack.  We got to a bridge and saw a mama monkey and a baby.  This monkey was trying to protect his wife and kid.  He thought we might hurt them or take them.  The Chinese man was going to shoot a rock at the big monkey.  Ivan was running across the bridge.  The Chinese man had grabbed Jennifer’s hand and they went quickly across the bridge to safety.  I’m so glad that was over! 

We stopped at a snack place for a quick bite.  Ivan and Jennifer had braised eggplant and a noodle dish.  They really liked the eggplant.  I had fried bananas with honey.  Jennifer noticed there were religious pictures on the wall. 


We were about 20 minutes away from the Monastery we were going to stay at for the night.  So, we continued walking up.  We reached the Monastery and got a nice room.  We switched to the deluxe room.  The first room we were shown looked like the floor might cave in at any time.  The beds both had electric blankets.  Ivan and Jennifer were happy about that since it was cold.  We had dinner at the Hard Wok Cafe and then shortly went back to sleep. 

We woke up on October 29, 2008 and packed everything up.  We stopped by the Hard Wok Cafe for breakfast.  I had two delicious banana pancakes. 


Ivan and Jennifer had apple and chocolate pancakes.  We stopped at the snack place again.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the eggplant dish again.  Walking down the mountain was easier.  It was clear today.  The views were great again.  We seemed to go down the mountain a lot faster.  We saw more monkeys but not as many. 


The people who worked there were diverting people to an easier path.  I was glad since we avoided seeing that scary monkey.  The mountain paths had monkey statues and sitting benches.  There was a great monkey theme going on.  I felt at home here.


We made our way back to the Teddy Bear Hotel.  We hung around the internet area.  Ivan was thinking about where to go next.  He finally decided that we should take a sleeper train to Panzhihua and then we’d catch a bus in the early morning.  We rode on the train for 12 hours.  The train wasn’t as nice as last time.  Ivan and Jennifer got top beds.  Thank goodness it wasn’t that high – so climbing up was relatively easy.

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The “Hard Wok Cafe”! Hahahaha!

Been there AND done the Hard Wok!

Amazing place Sichuan – make sure you go to Juzhaigo and Songpan

Hi!I find what you publish really interesting and helpful. I began connecting via Internet 15 years ago but only with emails to my overseas friends and pupils, three years ago I took an on-line course and got hooked. Your post made me realize that intuitively we look for folks with our same views to share what we know and ask what we don’t know.

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