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Spicy Opera

Spicy Opera

We walked to the Wenshu Monastery on Sunday, October 26, 2008 from Sim’s.


It was a nice area to walk around in.  We saw some great relics, a garden and halls.


There was some great big statues inside.  We went to find the teahouse.  It’s bottomless tea.  There are guys who walk around and refill your teacup.  You couldn’t get more than half done before it was refilled again.


We had a nice afternoon.  We stopped by a noodle place for lunch.  It was a variety of noodles and then one of the ladies would add different spices to the bowl.  Ivan loved it so much he ate four bowls!  Jennifer liked it, but it was too spicy for her she couldn’t eat much.

That night, we headed to the Sichuan Opera.  It takes place in a tea house.  We were served tea and peanuts.  It was raining outside.  I’m glad that the theatre part was covered.  There were free overcoats to where for everybody since it was cold.


The first part was Nao tai.  It was gong and froms music.  The music was different and nice.  There was a Baixi Zhengba performance.  There’s many people dressed up in colorful costumes.  They dance around  the stage.


There’s a lady who sings in the middle of the stage.  There was a guy playing a unique instrument.  I don’t remember the name of the instrument.  Jennifer thought it was so beautiful.  She seemed entranced by his performance.  There was a stick-puppet show.  It was guy that had a lady puppet.  He made her dance around the stage.  She also threw handkerchiefs in the air and caught them.  It was cute to watch.  I wish I could have jumped on stage and she caught me in the air.  She was a cute for a puppet.  There was a Hand-Shadow show.  A young man showed us animals from the shadows of his hand.  It was alright.  The next act is called Rolling Light.  It’s a comedy done all in Chinese.  I’m sure it was funny, but we had no clue what they were saying.   It went on too long.  The last part is the Changing Faces and Spitting Fire.  There’s a bunch of people who are dressed in costume and they have masks on.  They change the masks really fast.  It’s so cool!  I don’t know how they do it so fast.  The spitting fire happened during this act.  I wish the changing faces lasted longer.  It was the highlight of the show.  The Sichuan Opera was fantastic!

We caught the bus on October 27, 2008 to Mt. Emei.  We arrived in Mt. Emei and took a taxi to the hostel.  Ivan, Jennifer and I checked in to the Teddy Bear Hotel.  I made a new friend.  There was a teddy bear in the room.


His name is Ted, short for Theodore.  We played all night.  We didn’t go out and just chilled in our room.  The rooms were nice.  The only bad thing was the sewer smell from the bathroom. We had dinner at the hotel.  They have some great fried bananas.

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