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Panda Garden

Panda Garden

Our train arrived at 2:30 pm in Chengdu on October 24, 2008.  It was thirty minutes early.  We were going to get picked up from somebody from the hostel.  We got a taxicab to the hostel instead of waiting for the ride.  We checked in at Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel.  This hostel is really big.  It has a large garden filled with a dog, rooster, pigs, fish and kitties.


There’s a game room with a ping pong table and a pool table.  This is the best hostel we’ve been to so far.  The rooms are nice with a big bed and a Western style toilet.  The hostel gave us a fruit basket with bananas for free.  Now that’s really cool!  Anybody who gives out free bananas, is awesome in my book!

We just relaxed at the hostel for the day.  We ordered our dinner at the restaurant and they brought it to our room.  I had two banana & honey pancakes.  Jennifer enjoyed her beef sandwich.  Ivan had a soup and a tuna sandwich.  I watched Curious George on Ivan’s iPod.  Ivan and Jennifer were going to watch watched American Wedding.

We had to wake up early on October 25, 2008.  Jennifer was awakened by the sound of the rooster around 5:55 am.  She didn’t like that at all.  She’s not a morning person.  We got picked up at 7:30 am.  A lot of other people from the hostel were going on the Panda Tour too.  We drove to the Panda Breeding Base.  We watched the pandas eat bamboo leaves.  Jennifer was taking pictures of the pandas.


I think one of the pandas looked right at me.  I don’t think he’s seen such a cute monkey before.  We saw adult pandas and panda cubs playing and some were sleeping.  The base was big and we walked a lot.  There was also red pandas.  These pandas are much smaller and they look like raccoons.  I wanted to hop over the railing and play with them.  They looked like they were having fun!  We saw a movie about pandas.  Our last stop was the boring museum.  We got back in the vans and were taken back to the hostel.

Jennifer was cold at the panda base.  We took a taxi to the shopping area.  We wanted to find some clothes there.  Jennifer found a wool sweater so she would be warm.  We then walked to the People’s Park.  This big park has lots going on inside.


We saw people dancing (one group in a tai chi style), bad singing and people selling things.  We took a boat ride on the lake.  It was good 30 minute ride.  The boat was electric, so we didn’t have to bother with rowing.  It didn’t really go too fast.


I wanted to drive, but I couldn’t see over the steering wheel.  We chilled to the music on Ivan’s iPod speakers.  It started to rain towards the end of our boat ride though.  We had a good time at the park.

That night, we brought our dinner to the room again.  We were going to watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday.  Jennifer and I had never seen a Bean movie before.  It was okay.  It was just a little bit funny.  We had a great, busy day.

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