Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Aurelia Vatican Apartments on October 11, 2009.  Sam gave us a ride to the metro station.

Ivan and Jen had risotto and pasta at a restaurant in the train station.  I had a banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan bought some extra food for the train ride.  The train ride to Florence lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes.

We checked in to Plus Florence Hostel.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan and Jennifer used the internet.

We walked around to find a place for dinner.  We decided on Del Cellini.


Ivan and Jennifer shared the tasty riboletta tuscan soup.  I had a pasta dish with bananas.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the tagliatelle pasta and a good tuna and onion pizza.

After dinner, we walked around and saw some churches.  We saw a replica of Michelangelo’s David statue.


We all had some good ice cream for dessert.  We walked back to the hostel to get some rest.

I worked on the blog on October 12, 2009.  It started raining really hard.

For lunch, we went to Mario’s.  It’s a traditional Italian place with no printed menu and shared tables.  The menu was listed on the wall.  There was too much meat on the menu and no bananas!  Good thing I brought a few bananas with me.  Ivan had the riboletta tuscan soup.  It’s a traditional Italian soup which actually means reboiled.  Back in the day, they would use day old bread to put in the soup.  We each had pasta with tomato sauce.  I had to add bananas to mine.  The meal turned out alright.

The rain stopped and the day turned out nice.  We walked around the city.  We all bought some ice cream.  Ivan and Jen had chocolate and raspberry.  I had banana and banana.  It was nice.


We went inside the Il Duomo.  It’s beautiful on the outside.  It’s pretty nice inside as well.


There’s some amazing artwork in the dome.

We walked around some more.


We walked to a great bridge.  Then, we went inside a wine bar.  The wine guy was busy with a group.  So, we had a guy who didn’t know much about wine.  Ivan and Jen shared a cheese plate and each got a glass of Chianti wine.


I had some banana juice.  Most of the cheeses were good.  There was an aged cheese that Jennifer didn’t like at all.  She said it tasted off, but it should since it’s aged!

We walked back to the bridge.


We checked out the gold shops.  We headed back to the hostel for a short rest.

We went out late for dinner.  We wanted to check out a place recommended on tripadvisor.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t many non-meat dishes on the menu.  We went to the place next door.  I had banana and chicken manicotti. Ivan and Jennifer shared the pecorino cheese ravioli and a vegetable pizza.


The pizza wasn’t as tasty as the night before.  It was really weird that the restaurant didn’t serve any wine, only beer.

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