Ivan, Jennifer and I ate some tasty sandwiches from a local cafe on October 10, 2009.

We went to the Colosseum.  We bought tickets for the guided tour.  It’s a much shorter line and only costs a few Euros extra.

We met up with the group and our guide.  The guide was Italian.  She told us about the Colosseum.


The Colosseum is nice, but it’s mostly in ruins.  It is amazing to imagine how big and beautiful it once was.


Plus, it would have been cool to see the grand events that were held in the Colosseum.

We walked around the city.  We met up with couchsurfers Suzy and Max.  They took us walking around the city.  We saw a pretty church and a few cool fountains.


Suzy and Max took us to a bar (I don’t recall the name of it).  We went for apertif.  It’s a drink that’s taken before a meal.  This bar offers a buffet food as long as you order one drink.  The drinks were tasty.  We had some good food as well.  We chatted with Suzy and Max.

Then, we walked to another bar for more drinks.  Ivan and Jen had red wine while I had a banana juice.  We said good-bye and thanks to Suzy and Max.  It started raining.  We got a taxi to take us back to the apartment.

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