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Lil Dave’s Adventures with Ivan and Jennifer

Mission Beach

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Magnums Backpackers on September 10, 2009.


We took a ferry to Townsville at 8:25 am.  Then, we met the Oz Experience bus.  We got on the bus around 9:15 am, but we left around 9:30 am.  Our driver was named Straight.  We stopped for lunch.  We had fish at a cafe.  We arrived in Mission Beach at 1:30 pm.

We checked in to Absolute Backpackers.  We walked to Woolworths to get lunch.

Ivan and Jennifer went swimming in the pool.  I chilled on a lounge chair and soaked up the sun.

We walked to Nana Thai for dinner.  Ivan got the jungle curry while Jennifer got the hokkien noodles with chicken.


I had the chicken and banana pad thai.  Jennifer’s dish was okay while Ivan and I had a good meal.

Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast at the hostel on September 11, 2009.  Ivan and Jennifer had cheerios with soy milk and some of my bananas.  I wasn’t too pleased that they used my bananas.  But, at least I still have my emergency banana stash.

We all fell asleep for a few hours until 2:45 pm.  We walked to the beach to find some lunch.  It’s a shame that we couldn’t find anything.  It was way too hot to continue walking.  So, we went back to the hostel.

Ivan went to Woolworths to get lunch.  I had a bananas with rice and vegetables.  Ivan and Jennifer had tasty wheat wraps with Thai fish.

We chilled by the pool again.  Ivan and Jen swam around.  I ran around the pool and laid down on a lounger.

Ivan and Jennifer watched a movie called Acolytes.  It’s an Australian movie.  It was a bit weird.

We wanted to eat at an Italian restaurant nearby.  But, it was too pricey.  We walked to Woolworths to get food.  I had a pizza with my bananas on top.  Ivan and Jennifer had some yummy salmon and marinated eggplant.

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