Magnetic Island

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Magnums on September 8, 2009.  We walked to the bus station.  We picked up a Premier bus to Townsville.  The bus ride was 3 hours long.

We got a taxi to the ferry station.  The ferry took only 20 minutes to arrive in Magnetic Island.

We got the bus to Magnums Backpackers.  We checked in there.

We walked to a store to buy some food.  I stocked up on bananas.  Ivan and Jennifer bought food for lunch.

I had a banana sandwich.  Ivan and Jen had tasty veggie patties with baba ghanoush.

The hostel has a nice pool.  I chilled on a lounge chair while Ivan and Jennifer went swimming.

There’s a jumping pillow available for the kids.  It’s a big trampoline.  We all went jumping on it.  A little girl was on it.  She kept jumping and telling Ivan and Jen to jump more.  I kept flying into the air really high.  It was lots of fun jumping on it – but very tiring as well.

We saw some tame birds in the sitting area.  The birds didn’t seem to mind people and came very close to us.  The lady at the front desk gave Ivan some old sausages.  Ivan and Jen fed the birds sausages.


They really liked it!


We were all tired, so we took a nap.

Ivan walked around to find food.  Unfortunately, everything was already closed at 8 pm.  He bought snacks at the hostel’s bar.  I had two bananas for my dinner.

That night, we watched tv and then went to bed early.

Ivan walked to rent a moke on September 9, 2009.  A moke is a really small car.  Ivan got a blue moke named Scooby Doo.

We all hopped into the moke.  Ivan wanted to explore the island.  Ivan drove to a restaurant for breakfast.  I can’t remember the name.  It’s known for having good breakfast dishes.  I had a banana and vegetable omelet.


Ivan and Jennifer shared the muesli and an egg and vegetable dish.  It was delicious food!


Ivan drove us around more.  We went to Horseshoe Bay.  We all ordered a smoothie.  The smoothies were alright, a little too thick though.  We chilled on a bench on the beach while drinking our smoothies.

Ivan stopped at a convenience store.  He bought some wallaby food.  We drove to where the wallabies live.  Ivan and Jennifer fed the wallabies.


They’re like mini kangaroos.  Most of them are scared of humans.


We drove to Banister’s Seafood Cafe for lunch.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a smoked salmon salad to start off with.  I had a banana and tuna salad.  Ivan and Jen also shared a very good trout and Spanish mackerel along with guacamole and pineapple salsa.  They ordered an extra mackerel since it tasted so good.

We drove around the island.  We covered all of the island in one day.  We had some really great views.

It was time to relax in the room for awhile.

Ivan drove us to Man Friday for dinner.  It’s a Mexican restaurant.  It was very busy.  There were lots of reservations for the night.  Luckily, we got a table.  Ivan and Jennifer got tasty dips for an appetizer.  I had banana and chicken tacos.  Ivan got the chicken fajitas.


Jennifer ordered the prawn fajitas in a creamy sauce.  The food was really good.  Ivan ate too many fajitas.

Ivan drove back to the hostel.  We wanted to see the Toad Racing.  We got a good seat.


The toads each had a colored ribbon tied onto them.  A man announced each toad.  He said the frog with the green ribbon came from Ireland.  He talked really fast like an auctioneer.  It was really funny.  You could bet on a frog.  The announcer put the toad on the ground to show how fast or slow he was.  One person named a price and people would raise the price.  Once a final price was established, a lady collected money from the winner.  The toad would hop around showing how fast or slow he was.  After all the bets were placed, it was time for the race.

The yellow toad won the first race.  It was fun watching them jump around.  The same toad won three times in a row.

After the races, we went back to our room to sleep.

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