Wet Rides

Ivan, Jennifer and I got a bus to Warner Brothers Movie World on the morning of August 25, 2009.

We saw the Stunt Show.  It was really good.  There were cars going very fast and doing cool stunts.


It was time for lunch.  Ivan had an egg sandwich with lettuce.  I had a banana and chicken sandwich.  Jennifer had a tasty chicken and avocado sandwich.

We rode a few rides.  It was cool.  The park isn’t that big so Ivan and Jennifer didn’t have to walk around much.

There’s a Harry Potter store.  There was figures, broomsticks and stuffed animals available for sale.


We went on a wet ride.  Unfortunately, it stopped working right before the end of the ride (where the big drop happens and you get wet).  We were stuck in the dark for a few minutes.  We had to exit our cars and out of the ride.

We really wanted to ride the Scooby Doo ride but it got shut down a few times during the day.


Ivan rode the Superman ride.  He though it was super fast.  He loves riding roller coasters.

We got to meet Shrek!


There was a parade going on.  It had different characters like Scooby Doo and the gang, Bugs Bunny, Austin Powers, Shrek and Batman.  We had a good time at the theme park.

We took a bus back to the hostel.


We walked around to find a nice restaurant for dinner.  Ivan remembered a place he read about on the internet.  We went to Chiang Mai Thai for dinner.  The menu actually has a section called Bugs where you can Ginger Bugs or Sweet and Sour Bugs.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the really tasty Tom Yum chicken soup.  Ivan got the pad thai.  I got a noodle dish with bananas.


Jennifer got bbq chicken which came with a nice chili sauce.

We walked back to the hostel to get some rest.

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Surf n’ Sun on August 26, 2009.  We stored our backpacks at the hostel.

We got a bus to the water park Wet n’ Wild.  I went to chill near the wave pool.  The waves actually get really big.


Ivan and Jen rode a lot of rides.  It was a hot day out.  The park was pretty empty.  It only took a maximum of 2 minutes wait for all the rides.

We got the bus back to the hostel.  We grabbed our luggage.

The hostel drove us to the bus station.  We left on the Oz Experience bus at 5 pm headed to Brisbane.  We got there a few minutes after 6 pm.

We checked in to X Base Central.  Ivan went for a walk to get some exercise.  I worked on the blog with Jennifer.

We tried to have dinner at Wagamama.  But, it seems restaurants close really early in Brisbane.  A lot of the restaurants were too expensive.  So, we went to the convenience store to buy dinner.

We ate dinner at the hostel.  Ivan and Jen had cup of noodles.  I had banana and crackers.

Our room was really hot.  Ivan complained about it and the staff was rude about it.  The room is very brown and boring.

We went to sleep early since we had a very early start in the morning.

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