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Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Nomads Odyssey on August 23, 2009.  We placed our backpacks into luggage storage at the hostel.

We walked around Byron Bay.  Ivan and Jennifer had muesli and yoghurt.  I had bananas with milk and honey.

We stopped by the beach for a few minutes.


We got chicken wraps for lunch.  I added bananas to mine.

Ivan and Jennifer went to watch Inglorious Basterds.  I watched episodes of My Gym Partner is a Monkey on Jen’s iPod.  They enjoyed the movie.

We grabbed our backpacks.  We got on the Oz Experience bus at 3:30 pm headed towards Surfers Paradise.  We arrived at 5 pm.

We checked in to Surf n’ Sun.  Ivan got a private room.  It was nice because it was an apartment.  So, there are two bedrooms and a kitchen.  We settled into our room.

We walked to the store to get some food.  Jen had a chicken linguine Lean Cuisine meal.  Ivan had baked beans.  They both shared crackers and hummus as well.  I had two bananas on bread. 

The hostel provides a dvd in the room and dvds with movies or tv shows.  We watched a few episodes of Little Britain. 

Ivan, Jennifer and I had lunch at Subway on August 24, 2009. 

We walked around Surfers Paradise.  Ivan got a haircut.  We stopped by Condom Kingdom. 


Jen had a go on a didgeridoo.


We went to Dracula’s Haunted House.  It’s the same company who runs Dracula’s Cabaret.  We all walked through.  All the props were very well made. 


There are certain things to make you scream like the ground shaking or a skeleton flying at you. 


It took us 45 minutes to go through the entire haunted house.  We all enjoyed it.  It was really scary for me.

We walked around some more.  We stopped by Pancakes on Paradise.  I had two banana pancakes.  Ivan and Jen shared a tasty marinated chicken crepe. 


We went to Infinity next.  We had to wear gloves and shoe covers to enter.  They didn’t have monkey-sized gloves or shoe covers so I just hung on to Jennifer.  Infinity is a series of rooms.  Each one is different with mirrors, special effects and lights.  It was interesting and trippy. 

We had the same thing for dinner as the previous night.  We watched more episodes of Little Britain before heading off to bed. 

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