Travelling to Rainbow Beach

Ivan, Jennifer and I got up early on August 27, 2009.  We checked out of X Base Central.

We got on the bus at 6:30 am headed to Rainbow Beach.  Ivan and Jen had cereal on the bus for breakfast.  I had bananas and yoghurt.

We stopped at Noosa.  It was a long stop for an hour and a half.  We walked around the town.  There’s lots of posh restaurants and retail shops. 

Ivan and Jennifer each had a breakfast smoothie.  I had a banana.

We checked out the shops more.  Ivan sent out a postcard.  We grabbed lunch.  Ivan and Jen each had a chicken and avocado wrap on the bus.  I had a banana and honey wrap.

We drove for a couple more hours.   We finally reached Rainbow Beach at 2 pm.

We checked in to Dingo’s Backpackers.  Ivan and Jennifer were in the mixed dorm.  I was going to sleep on Jennifer’s bed. 

We met up in the dining area for our Fraser Island briefing.  Tomorrow, we’d be doing a self-guided tour of Fraser Island.  We were told about the island.  We had to watch a video that warned us about dingoes and told us other rules.  There are waste stations where we have to place our garbage. 

We met our group.  It consisted of 11 people and 1 monkey.  Everybody seemed to be kind of quiet in our group.  We thought we might have a boring group.  The group consisted of French, German, Irish, England and American. 

People signed up to drive.  Ivan wanted to drive.  Jennifer has never driven 4WD so she decided not to drive. 

Ivan and Jen each packed a backpack for the upcoming trip.  We bought some cup of noodles and snacks in case.  We would be getting food to cook – but we weren’t sure if it would be any good.

We walked around Rainbow Beach for dinner.  The town is really small with only a few shops and restaurants.  We couldn’t find a good restaurant.  It was either bad food or closed.  Ivan and Jennifer decided to have the vegetable lasagna at the hostel.  They thought it was really good.  I had a banana sandwich. 

We went to bed since we had an early start again in the morning.

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