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Oz Experience

Oz Experience

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up really early on August 20, 2009.  We checked out of the Mount Batten Hotel.

We walked to the Oz Experience office.  We boarded the bus and left at 6:30 am.  Our destination for today would be the Surf Camp.  Our guide’s name was Squatter.  All the Oz Experience drivers have nicknames, but they are not allowed to tell us how they got them.  There was only 8 people and 1 monkey on the bus.

Squatter drove the bus for awhile.  Our first stop was at the Koala Hospital and Study Centre.  There were only two koalas on site. 


We took some pictures and went back on the bus.

Squatter thought we’d do something different since we were ahead of schedule.  We stopped at Port Macquarie for lunch.  This was a really nice village with beautifull views over the ocean.  It was Subway for lunch.  Ivan got a veggie patty while Jennifer got a roasted chicken sandwich.  I got a banana and chicken sandwich.  We had a nice view while we ate our lunch.


We got back on the bus.  We drove for a long time.  Squatter talked a lot about the areas we were passing.  It was quite interesting. 

Squatter stopped the bus by a field filled with kangaroos.  There was about 10 of them eating a snack.  We had to walk very slowly for about 10 steps and then stop.  If they looked at us, we had to look down at the ground.  We got really close to them about 30 meters.  It was cool to see a mama with a baby in her pouch. 


We arrived at the Surf Camp at 5:10 pm.  Ivan and Jen put their backpacks in their room. 


There were 3 bunk beds in the room.  There was another couple in the room as well.

Dinner was served at 6 pm.  It was buffet style.  There was veggie pasta, salad, bean and corn salad, pumpkin soup, potato wedges and nachos.  I added some bananas to the pasta.  The pasta wasn’t too good though.  I did have plenty of salad though. 


Ivan and Jennifer really enjoyed the pumpkin soup.

We chilled for awhile.  It was really cold outside tonight.  Ivan and Jen took a walk.  We all used the internet. We were going to watch a movie in the movie room, but the sound was so so so low that you could barely hear what was being said. We left a couple of minute in, wondering why on earth other people were bothering to stay when the only lines you could hear was when the actors were shouting!

It was time for bed.  It was so very cold in our room.  There was no heater available.  Thank goodness for the blankets that weren’t in use on the other bed.  Jennifer used two blankets to keep warm.  I went under one blanket and slept like a monkey baby.

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Hope you enjoyed your time in our backyard (Mission Beach) and saw some of our endangered cassowaries. We had a juvenile we’ve not seen before come to our kitchen door today. 🙂

The weather has indeed been perfect lately (But Hey! That’s Queensland: Beautiful one month; perfect the next!)

Mr Fair Go

We had a nice time in Mission Beach. Didn’t see the cassowaries though. It was really great weather!

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