Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Honeymoon Guesthouse on July 28, 2009.  We always enjoy our stay at this great guesthouse.  DSC09595

If you ever go to Ubud, book this place in advance.  It always gets booked up.  I was sad we were leaving Ubud.  But, I told my monkey friends I would keep in touch and send them postcards.

Ivan got smoked marlin sandwiches for him and Jen from Casa Luna .  I got a banana and chicken sandwich.  We had our sandwiches in the taxi on our way to Legian.  It took us an hour to arrive.

We checked in to Su’s Cottages in Legian.  Legian is right near Seminyak.  Ivan rented a motorbike from the cottages.

We drove to Legian Beach.  Ivan and Jennifer wanted to get a drink.  We sat at a bar and had a nice view of the sunset.

Ivan drove us to an internet cafe.  We all used it for awhile.

We got ready for dinner.  We drove to Eat Street for dinner.  It’s a street in Seminyak filled with lots of restaurants in.   DSC09598

We chose Chandi for dinner.

Ivan and Jennifer shared the tasty watermelon gazpacho and the fried tofu for a starter.  Ivan ordered the tuna.  Jennifer got the slowly roasted chicken.  I had the chicken stuffed with bananas.  The food was alright but nothing too exciting.  Ivan and Jennifer still had room for dessert.


They ordered the delicious chocolate fondant with strawberry ice cream.

We drove to Seminyak.  We wanted to see live music at La Vida Loca. An employee said the band would be on at 10:30 pm.  We waited but nobody showed up and it was so quiet it didn’t look like any band would be on that night. Ivan thought we should just head back to the cottages.  Maybe tomorrow we’d be able to dance and see some live music.

Ivan, Jennifer, and I woke up on July 29, 2009, and used the internet at the cafe down the street.

We got a taxi to Cafe Warisan.


For appetizers, Ivan and Jen shared the cold grilled vegetable lasagna and a tart with goat’s cheese and onions and pine nuts and frisee salad.  The dishes tasted pretty good.  Ivan got the grilled tuna steak with basilic pesto and tomato confit sandwich.


Jennifer got the artichoke ravioli with basil lemon sauce.  I had bananas in a light buttery sauce.  The food was quite good.   Jen’s raviolis were light and delectable.

We went to Legian Beach to chill.  It’s always nice to relax right on the beach.  Ivan and Jennifer went in the water for a little while.  The waves are big there.


Ivan tried to fly the dragon kite he bought in Ubud.  But, there wasn’t much wind.

There are guys selling cheap magazines on the street right behind Legian Beach.  They have FHM UK, Essentials UK, Cosmopolitan, etc.  The prices were similar to what they sell them for in the UK or US which is great considering they were mostly the latest editions. Ivan and Jennifer bought a couple of magazines.

We went to a Moroccan restaurant called Khaima, which is located on Eat Street.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with hummus.  It tasted really bland, and nothing like how hummus usually tastes.


Ivan got the chicken mechoui couscous.  Jennifer got the chicken tagine.  I got a pita with chicken, bananas, and hummus.  The food was alright.  There were belly dancers performing.


One of the women was really good at it.  How do they move their stomach like that?

We went back to the Cottages and Ivan and Jennifer took a little walk.

We got a taxi to Seminyak.  The bars and clubs were really quiet there.  A lady in La Vida Loca said Kuta would probably be busier.

We got a taxi to Kuta.  Bounty was quiet for awhile – but then it got busier.  We danced the night away.


It was lots of fun.  We heard I Got a Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas three times.  It’s great at the Bounty Nightclub because it’s free and good music upstairs.

We got a taxi to Seminyak.  There was a great band on at La Vida Loca.  We danced a little.


The waitresses were passing around focaccia bread on their trays.  It’s very tasted according to Ivan and Jen.

We had a good night dancing in Kuta and Seminyak.

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