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Shopping and Chillin’

Shopping and Chillin’

Ivan and Jennifer had the free breakfast at Ellie’s on July 11, 2009.  I had banana with honey.

We took a taxi to Kuta.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  Jen had the Honey Citrus Grilled Chicken Salad. 


Ivan had the HRC Veggie Burger.  I had a nice banana salad with chicken.  It was good food.

We walked around the shops.  It was really hot out there. 


The beach looks nice with really big waves.  Jennifer bought a summer dress for $5.  Ivan bought a cool pair of swimming shorts.  We wanted to get out of the sun.


We took a taxi to the Discovery Plaza Shopping mall.  There’s a great DVD shop with DVD movies for 10,000 IDR ($1 USD) each.  Ivan and Jennifer found a great souvenir shop called Bamboo that sells so many great Balinese souvenirs.  Jennifer hasn’t been able to find a good bra in her size in Indonesia.  She got 3 bras for less than $36 USD at La Senza (a French company).  What a bargain!

We got a taxi back to Ellie’s in Nusa Dua.  We chilled at the guesthouse for awhile.

We took a taxi to PEPeNERO for dinner. 


Jennifer got the delicious margherita pizza again.  I got a banana pizza with extra bananas on the side.  Ivan got Tonno Cipolla e Olive (minus the Olives) pizza.  But, his pizza came with olives and he took them off and there was a lot of them.  Ivan and Jennifer enjoyed a carafe of Two Islands Shiraz.  The pizzas are great here. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared the very tasty chocolate mousse tart for dessert.  It was homemade chocolate mousse with an almond base.

Ivan and Jennifer had the free breakfast at Ellie’s on July 12, 2009.  I had a banana on toast. 

We had a nice, relaxing day of chillin’.  Ivan worked on his blog.  Jennifer used the internet.

We had cup of noodles for lunch from the store down the street.  I added bananas to my soup.

Ivan chilled on the float in the pool.

We tried to catch the sunset at Jimbaran Beach.  But, we missed it by a couple minutes.  I think Jennifer was being a bit slow.  We had dinner at Lia’s Cafe on the Jimbaran Beach.  Ivan and Jennifer got a 1.6 kg tuna.  I had bananas and chicken grilled.  It turned out really good.  My meal came with banana soup, a banana salad and bananas for dessert. 


Ivan and Jennifer enjoyed their meal which consists of tuna soup, salad, tuna with rice and fruit dessert.  It’s really quite cheap to eat here.  Make sure if you go to Jimbaran Beach, you ask to be taken to the middle part – otherwise, it’s way too expensive at the other parts.  Ivan and Jennifer watched St. Trillian’s movie on the laptop.  It’s great to sit on the beach and chill.


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