Jewelry Crash

Ivan, Jennifer, and I had the free breakfast at the Lumbung Sari Guesthouse on July 7, 2009. Jennifer’s legs were sore from all that walking at the rafting place yesterday.

I went to the Monkey Forest to hang out with my monkey friends.  I told Ivan to pick me up after the jewelry-making class. I didn’t fancy making any jewelry myself. Monkeys don’t really wear jewelry. I mean have you ever seen a monkey wearing any? Exactly! Just imagine how stupid a monkey would look if it was wearing a necklace and a ring!

Ivan and Jennifer went to the jewelry-making class at Studio Perak.  It started at 9 am.  They were a little late.  The teacher said we should pick either a ring or a pendant.  Ivan and Jennifer both wanted to make a ring.  Ivan chose a thick ring with two stones while Jennifer picked a heart ring with a stone in the middle.

There was also a mother and daughter there each making a pendant for a bracelet.

Ivan and Jennifer were given the silver to bend.  Jennifer found it hard to bend just right.  She had to make her heart.  She made it bigger than the sample ring she chose.  Jennifer poked her finger on the silver and it started bleeding.  She was trying to tell the teacher she needed a band-aid.  I guess he didn’t understand her because he didn’t get her one.  It wasn’t bleeding too much though and finally did stop bleeding.

The teacher would use a flame to solder the silver parts together.  Ivan and Jennifer got to step on a pump to make the flame come out.


The class is great since it’s very hands-on. You’re the one actually creating it.  He had to make two round objects to put around the pink tones he chose for his ring.


Ivan had to file down his silver objects.

Jennifer had to pound her heart to make it flatter.


It took a long time to make it flatter.


They each had to try on rings to find their size.

Ivan decided to put writing inside his ring.  He wrote Ivan Ubud Bali.

He soldered the ring parts together.  Ivan and Jen had to put their stones in the round part.  They had to squeeze the silver around the stone to make sure that it doesn’t fall out. This bit was quite hard.  We filed all the silver down.

It was time to sand and polish the rings.


First, we had to sand the silver.  Then, we polished it.  You have to put the soap on the polishing sponge.


The teacher said you have to hold it hard on the polish sponge otherwise it just turns black.


Ivan and Jennifer’s rings turned out very cool.


They’re both proud of their creations.

Ivan picked me up at Monkey Forest.  We drove to Little K for lunch.  Little K is behind the main road.  You have to drive on a cobblestone road to get there.  Little K is a raw food restaurant.  The restaurant doesn’t cook the food that’s served and there are no dairy products used.  Ivan ordered the raw lasagna.  Jennifer wanted the tacos but the guacamole wasn’t available – so she got the raw ravioli instead.


I ordered the ‘raw banana dish’, which consisted of a couple of raw bananas. The food was quite tasty.  Ivan’s lasagna was better than Jennifer’s ravioli.  The restaurant has a great view of some paddy fields.

Little K has a cobblestone road to get to the main road.  Jennifer had never driven a motorbike before.  She wanted to try it out on this road, as there was no other traffic.  Ivan showed her the gas and the brake.  He was holding on to the bike.  Jennifer is really short and couldn’t reach the ground with her legs.  Jennifer started revving really fast, and the bike sped forward.  Jennifer couldn’t stop and ended up crashing the bike.  She fell on her right side.  The bike was on top of her.  Ivan ran over along with other people.  He took the motorbike off her.  She started crying.  Somebody helped her sit up.

They walked back to the entrance to Yoga Barn (which is right near the pathway to Little K).  A lady was telling Jennifer she should sit down.  Jennifer said she was alright.  Somebody brought a first aid kit out.  Jennifer was bleeding on her thigh and arm.  Ivan poured water on the cut on her thigh.  A lady wanted to wash Jennifer’s wounds and put band-aids on them.  Ivan said we would just head back to the guesthouse since it’s only 5 minutes away.

Jennifer was hurting.  She cleaned up her wounds and then put anti-septic cream on and band-aids.



She scratched up her eyeglasses but they’re still intact.  She now walks really slow like a zombie.  Jennifer will definitely leave the motorbike driving to Ivan.

Jennifer stayed in the room to rest.  Ivan went to get a haircut and he checked out the shops.

I went to Monkey Forest to have dinner with the monkeys.  It was great to have lots of monkeys to play and chat with.  I really love the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Ivan and Jennifer walked to a shadow puppet show that evening.  They were given a sheet of paper explaining the different acts of the show.  It even talked about each puppet.  Ivan had been told the show was in English, but at the entrance, they said it wasn’t in English so we were glad to have the explanations sheets.  There’s a sheet and a big flame lit behind it.  The puppets are placed behind the white sheet.  You can’t really see the colors of the shadow puppets since the flame isn’t that bright.


The singing and most of the talking are in a different language.  Some of it however was in English and modernized.  It was actually funny.  It’s hard to know what’s going on but it was interesting.


Ivan and Jennifer went to Nomad for dinner.  They started off with the smoked marlin salad.  Jennifer had the tasty pumpkin ravioli while Ivan had the tuna fillet steak.


For dessert, they got the wonderful Chocolate Mousse cake.  Jennifer asked if they baked the cake there.  The server said the restaurant buys it from Kue.  It’s a place in town.  Ivan and Jennifer thought they would check out Kue sometime.

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