Water Fight

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Penzy Guesthouse on April 12, 2009.  We took a taxi to Al’s Resort.  We checked in at Al’s. 


There’s two swimming pools here.  One is located right near the beach.

We took a taxi to Beach Republic. 


Since it was Easter Sunday, there was a special buffet going on.  The buffet had lots of food like chicken quesadilla, hummus and devil’s eggs.  The red snapper was really good.  I liked the banana shakes that they made.  There were lots of families.  The place plays some great music.  Ivan and Jennifer went swimming.  We stayed awhile and lounged in the sun.

We took a truck back.  The water fight had started already.  Song Kran is celebration of the Thai New Year that lasts a couple of days.  For a day and a half there’s a water fight.  We didn’t bring any water guns.  We sure got wet though! 

Jennifer wasn’t feeling good.  She stayed in the room and had some noodles in bed.  Ivan and I went to subway for some sandwiches.  We squirted some people on the street with water guns. 

We had lunch at the resort’s restaurant on April 13, 2009.  Jennifer ordered a caesar salad.  But, they didn’t know what a caesar dressing was.  They kept coming back with an oil that looked more like Italian dressing. 

Jennifer was feeling sick so she stayed in bed.  Ivan and I went to join the big water fight.  Ivan drove around on the motorbike.  People throw buckets of ice cold water sometimes.  Lots of people were dancing around.  Some people put powder on us.  I’m not sure why.  It was lots of fun shooting people with water.


We all went out for more of the water fight.  It had calmed down though.  Jennifer was enjoying herself.  We were all soaked. 

We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner.  It’s located by Pinocchio’s.  I can’t remember the name though.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with a good chicken satay. 


Ivan got a delicious bbq barracuda.  Jennifer had some average king prawns.  I had a good banana and chicken shish-kebab. 

Ivan drove to Swensen’s.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a apple and cranberry sorbet on a cone. 


I had banana ice cream on a cone.  It was tasty!  We drove back to the resort and called it a night.

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