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Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Frendz Resort on March 9, 2009.  Today, we would be taking a long journey to Puerto Galera which is on Mindoro Island.   We took the boat to Caticlan at 9 am.  It’s only a short 10 minute ride.  We boarded the ferry going to Roxas before 10 am.  It took off about 10:20 am.  Ivan and Jennifer watched a movie on the laptop.  I took a monkey nap.  They started singing karaoke in the dining area.  Only the Filipinos would think of putting karaoke on a ferry.  This one lady sang for over 2 hours.  Ivan and Jennifer were watching Penn and Teller’s show.  Jennifer was so tired, she fell asleep.  We arrived in Roxas at 2:30 pm. 

There were other backpackers on the ferry.  We all wanted to get a mini-van together.  The group consisted of 6 people and a monkey.  The driver wanted 4000 PHP for the trip to Puerto Galera.  We agreed and got in the mini-van.  The driver stopped for lunch at a restaurant.  We took a 30 minute break for lunch.  Ivan had a fish soup.  Jennifer had adobo.  I had a few bananas.  Everybody got back onto the mini-van.  The trip was really long.  We were in Puerto Galera.  We asked the driver to take us to Sabang.  He said it would be 500 more since it’s a little further.  We all said it was fine.  The driver dropped us off.  We grabbed our backpacks and started walking.  The trip was 4 1/2 hours with the lunch break. 

Ivan, Jennifer and I walked with one of the guys Max to El Galleon Beach Resort.  It’s located on Small La Laguna Beach. We checked into the hotel. 


We were all really hungry.  We sat down at the El Galleon Restaurant.  Jennifer got the pancit with shrimp.  Ivan ordered the garlic boiled fish.  I had a banana shake and a banana pancake.  The shake was really good.  The food was okay.  Everybody was really tired from the long trip we had.  We went to the room and got some much needed rest.

Ivan and I had breakfast at the El Galleon Restaurant on March 10, 2009.  Ivan had the eggs on toast with baked beans.  I had a bowl of banana nut crunch with bananas on top.  Jennifer had lunch at the restaurant.  She had a good chicken adobo.  I worked on the blog today with Jennifer.  Ivan went to chill by the water. 

Puerto Galera

For dinner, we walked to China Moon (formerly Full Moon Restaurant).  Ivan ordered the shrimp dish which comes with quail eggs, celery, peanuts and green peppers. 



Jennifer got the green chicken curry.  I got the Tinola (chicken stew) with bananas.  Ivan loved his dish.  Jennifer’s dish was spicy.  I thought my stew was nice. 

Ivan signed up for the PADI course with Asia Divers through the El Galleon Beach Resort.  He’ll be starting tomorrow.  This gives me a chance to work on the blog with Jennifer.  I’ve gotten so behind on the blog since I was having too much fun in Boracay.

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