Last two days in Boracay

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to D’Mall on March 7, 2009.  Jennifer wanted to try the Japanese restaurant Hama for lunch.  We sat down and looked at the menu.  Ivan and Jennifer got the fried tofu for a starter. 


Ivan ordered a dish with fish and vegetables.  Jennifer got the chicken teriyaki.  I got shrimp and banana skewers.  The food was good. 

It was another hot, sunny day in Boracay.  We walked on the beach. 


We went to the tourist center to send off postcards. 


Ivan and Jennifer bought a few souvenirs.  Jennifer went back to the resort to chill.  Ivan wanted to relax on his floatie and read.  I laid down in the shade and took a monkey nap.

I went to meet Roger, Mike and Nina at the Hungry Monkey for dinner.  I ordered a banana and cheese burger.  It tasted great!  I have a great time chatting to my new friends.  We walked to the secret monkey bar for a drink.  Nina and I played pool.  She beat me! 

Ivan and Jennifer went to Christina for dinner.  It’s a nice Italian restaurant.  They started off with the tomato and pepper soup.  It was really good!  Then, they both ordered the chicken risotto.  It was delicious. 

I met up with my friends at Hungry Monkey for lunch on March 8, 2009.  We shared a banana pizza.  It was yummy!  I exchanged e-mails with everybody.  I told them I would keep in touch.  I gave them the address to our blog – so they can keep up with our adventures.  Nina and I walked down the beach.  I gave her a kiss on the cheek.  It was really sweet.  I wish she could come traveling with us.  But, Nina has a life in Boracay.  She hopes to get into the movies someday.  She would look great on the big screen!

Ivan and Jennifer went to have lunch at Shakey’s.  Ivan ordered a regular sardine pizza while Jennifer got a garlic and mozzarella pizza. 


The pizzas weren’t that big – they tasted alright. 

The weather was amazing.  Ivan and Jennifer lounged and read again on the beach.  They both have been in beach mode.  It’s certainly a nice laid-back attitude. 

I met up with Ivan and Jennifer at Hey Jude for drinks.  It was happy hour. 


We sat down and saw the sunset.  Ivan and I used the internet on his laptop. 


We went to dinner at Red Coconut.  Our table was right on the beach in the sand.  I ordered a shrimp and banana pancit.  Ivan got the sizzling fish while Jennifer got the sizzling shrimps in garlic. 


The food was simply amazing!  We have definitely enjoyed our time in Boracay.  The weather has been great.  It’s such a hard place to leave since it’s so beautiful. 

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