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Coco Loco Island

Coco Loco Island

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Puerto Pension on February 6, 2009.  The weather still wasn’t perfect beach weather.  Ivan decided we should go to Coco Loco Island, Palwan.  First though, we had to take a bus ride to Roxas.  The bus ride was alright.  I took a nap.  Ivan and Jennifer watched the rest of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  We arrived in Roxas.  We got to travel agency.  We had to wait about 30 minutes for a boat.  Ivan used the internet in the meantime.

We boarded the boat heading towards Coco Loco Island.  The boat ride actually took about 45 minutes.  Coco Loco Resort is located on its own private island.  When you book a room, all three meals are included in the price.  There is no internet access on the island. 


We were greeted by an employee.  The nice lady guided us to a table.  Two coconuts were waiting for Ivan and Jennifer.  The lady saw me and went to the kitchen.  She came back and handed me a banana.  She asked us what we would like to order for dinner. We told her and also the time we’d eat it.

The weather was overcast.  We weren’t too happy about that.   We walked to our hut.  It’s a great room with a patio outside.  There’s a hammock on the patio.  The best part is that the hut is located right on the beach. 


For dinner, we walked to the beach by the cafe.  We told them we’d like our dinner now.  I ordered the fried bananas with honey.  It was actually listed on the menu as a dessert.  Ivan had the fish teriyaki.  Jennifer got the chicken adobo.  The food was really quite scrumptious.

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