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Port Barton

Port Barton

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up on February 7, 2009 and it was raining outside.  It was such a shame to be on a beautiful island while it was raining.  I wish the weather was nice.  I wanted to try climbing up a palm tree and grab a few coconut tree.  Although if it was a banana tree – I’d be up it even during rainy weather.  Ivan wanted to find some good weather.  Ivan asked when the next boat would arrive.  He was told that it would arrive at 1 pm. We packed all our things up.  We ordered lunch at the cafe.  We decided to get the same dishes as last night.  The food was great again.

We boarded the boat.  It took about 40 minutes to get to Roxas.  We were scammed into a 2500 Pesos private car ride to Port Barton.  Ivan and Jennifer watched Along Came a Spider.  I tried to take a monkey nap, but the ride was so bumpy.  They told us it would be a 2 hour ride.  It only took one hour.

We checked into a regular room at Summer Homes.


The lady told us that we could have a cottage tomorrow.  The cottages are closer to the beach.  Also, that room has hot water. The weather was overcast here.  It seemed impossible for us to find sunny beach weather.  In the town of Port Barton, the electricity is on between 6 am to midnight.

We ate at the restaurant at Summer Homes.  Jennifer asked the chef if I could have a banana adobo.  Ivan ordered a hot and sour chicken soup.  Jennifer got the Pancit with chicken.  Our food turned out nice.  Soon after, we went back to our room to get some sleep.

We moved to a cottage in Summer Homes on February 8, 2009.  We laid down on lounge chairs for a few hours.  Tuna sandwiches were eaten for lunch.  I decided to eat a banana and honey sandwich.

Ivan had booked a boat to see the forest with mangrove trees.  So, we walked to the boat.  We left about 3 pm.  The boat drove right through a forest.


We saw two poisonous snakes.  The roots on the trees looked weird.


The tour was alright.  It lasted an hour long.

Ivan saw a nice restaurant that’s located on the beach called Jambalaya.  We decided to try it out.  Jambalaya is run by a Scottish man.  The menu isn’t very big.  Ivan ordered the sizzling fish steak.

Sizzling fish steak

Jen got the Jambalaya.  I ordered the Pasta Jambalaya with Bananas.  The Jambalaya tasted really good!  Ivan really enjoyed his fish.  He said it melted in his mouth.  We waited a few minutes before ordering dessert.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the Banana Crepes with mango.  I got the Banana Crepes with cream.  It was very tasty.  This restaurant has great food and very friendly staff.

We walked back to our cottage.  We tried to sleep early since we had a 6 am boat ride to El Nido planned for the morning.  All of us ended falling asleep around midnight.

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