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Massages, Quads and Horseback riding

Massages, Quads and Horseback riding

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to have lunch at The Blue Pumpkin on December 13, 2008.  I’m not sure why the restaurant is called the blue pumpkin.  Even a monkey like me knows that pumpkins are orange like bananas are yellow.  The upstairs part has white beds you can lounge on while you eat.  We sat down in this great area.  For the appetizers, Ivan ordered the wheat crackers with three dips like the salsa.  Ivan got the tofu salad.  Jennifer got a tuna sandwich on foccacia bread. 


She thought it was the best tuna sandwich she ever had.  I had a good banana amok ravioli dish.  The restaurant also offers ice cream, desserts and pastries.  Ivan and Jen shared a Tulip Delight which comes with three flavors that you choose.  They got mango and strawberry sorbet and banana and galangal.  It comes in a cone dish.  I had some of the banana and galangal – it tasted nice.

We went to Dr. Feet.  Ivan and Jennifer were getting a reflexology massage.  I just watched while the ladies poked a pointy brown wood into pressure points on their feet and toes.  It looked like it hurt.  The ladies also massage their lower legs, head and face. 


Ivan and Jennifer felt better after, but weren’t sure if the reflexology actually worked.  I would like to try reflexology one day, but I would want some proof that it works first, because I don’t really like strangers touching my little monkey feet. I am very ticklish there – its all that fur you know.

We went to a tuk tuk and drove to the Quad Adventure Cambodia place.  Ivan was going to be the driver with me and Jennifer right behind him.  We were taking the Sunset on the Rice Paddies ride.  We drove through the countryside. 


It was a nice sunset.  It’s great driving along but the quads are noisy. 


We even drove through an area where a temple is located. 

For dinner, we went to the Khmer Kitchen.  Ivan and Jen started off with a nice mango salad.  Jennifer ordered a Khmer curry with chicken, onions, potatoes, pumpkin and carrots.  Ivan got a coconut and pumpkin soup.  I brought my own monkey-made banana and cheese sandwich.  Ivan and Jennifer thought the food was good.

We walked to Madam 1 to get a massage.  Ivan and Jennifer asked for the four hands massage with oil.  It was $10 each.  I was lucky -the place offered a private one monkey massage for $5.  I was in the next curtained off area.  Ivan and Jennifer loved getting massaged by two ladies each.  It felt great.  I liked my massage too.  

We woke up on December 14, 2008 and went downstairs for the free breakfast.  It wasn’t much just toast and tea.  I had toast with bananas.  We checked out of The Villa.  We took a tuk tuk to the Siem Reap Hostel.  We checked in and brought our backpacks to our room.  We walked to The Passage (the alley behind Pub Street) to eat lunch at Burgers without Borders.  It’s a gourmet burger restaurant with good extras for your burgers.  I ordered the Banana Burger with honey and nuts. 


Ivan got a veggie burger with cranberry mayo.  He also got a side of green chili hummus.  Jennifer got a cheeseburger with cranberry mayo.  She got a side of raisin coleslaw.  The food tasted terrific! 

We got into a tuk tuk and went to the Happy Ranch Horse Farm.  The farm is a big place with two areas for the horses to run around in.  Jennifer got a smaller horse named Bunny.  Ivan’s horse was a pretty white horse named Tiffany.  Jennifer has only ridden a horse once or twice before – so she got a lead to help guide the horse.  If she felt confident enough, she could tell the lead to stop helping her. I was riding behind Jennifer.  So, we trotted through the countryside.  Jennifer was trying to make Bunny go to the left. 


The horse kept trying to eat rice paddy leaves.  She didn’t seem entirely comfortable with guiding the horse to the left or right.  At one point she hit the horse with her heels.  The horse started going really fast. The leads were very helpful making the horse go faster and giving her leaves.  Ivan was doing great though. 


He’s been on horses a lot more.  We stopped at a temple.  The ride was very relaxing.  We passed by many children.  They love to wave and say Hello.  Some even tried to grab me, probably since they don’t see many monkeys riding horses. 

We took a tuk tuk back into town.  We walked to the Night Market.  We wanted to check out the 3D movie at 6 pm.  Ivan saw a sign for Dr. Fish.  He read about it in Lonely Planet.  Ivan and Jennifer wanted to try it.  There’s a pool filled with loads of fish swimming around looking hungry.  You put your feet inside and the fish eat the dead cells off your feet. Its like getting a massage.  I didn’t try it since I’m ticklish.  Ivan and Jennifer put their feet in.  They laughed for like a minute.  Then they got used it. 


Their feet felt really smooth after the 15 minute fish massage, and the fish looked like had had a tasty meal.

We checked out the souvenir shops and did a little bit of shopping.

We bought tickets for the 3D movie called On the Trail of Snake Huntrs.  We had a private viewing because we were the only ones watching.  The movie showed us how they catch snakes.  The snake hunters don’t use any protection when hunting.  Also, we saw a lady selling snakes.  The movie was interesting. 

We walked back to the hostel.  The hostel is great – it has a pool table, movie room, pool and free internet.  We relaxed for awhile.  We went downstairs for dinner.  Ivan ordered a pumpkin soup and chicken pad thai.  Jennifer got the stir fried noodles with chicken.  I ate two yummy banana pancakes with chocolate.  The food was good.  We decided to sleep early since we were going to the temples tomorrow and little monkeys need plenty of sleep if they are going to be walking around the famous Angkor Wat Temples. Well thats what my dad told me anyway.

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I was Siem Reap a few weeks ago and had similar experiences. Night market is cool. That is a reprieve from all the people begging you for money. But Cambodia is a wonderful country with very charming people. And sooooo cheap. I would go back anytime!

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