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Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up super early at 7 am on December 11, 2008.  We got all of our luggage and checked out of The Aquarium bungalows.  Ivan and Jen had muesli with yogurt and fruit.  I had yogurt and bananas.  We took a tuk tuk to the bus station.  It was an express bus to Siem Reap.  We would be stopping in Phnom Penh first and then boarding another bus.  The first bus was 4 hours long. Jennifer and I took a long nap.  The bus was nice.  We were seated on the second floor of the bus in the front.  Ivan and Jennifer watched more Weeds episodes on the laptop.  We arrived in Phnom Penh four hours later at 12 pm.  Our bus to Siem Reap would leave at 12:30 pm.  We went in search of food.  We finally found a take away place near by.  Ivan got a tuna baguette while Jennifer got a chicken baguette.  I asked for a baguette since there was no banana on the menu.  I added my banana and honey into the baguette.  It was good but I didn’t have enough bananas – I had to save some for my snack later.

The second bus wasn’t as nice.  The bus was air conditioned, but there was only a small thing over each seat.  It was hot and we had a long 6 hour drive ahead of us.  I watched My Gym Partner’s a Monkey on Jennifer’s iPod.  Ivan and Jennifer watched more Weeds epsidoes.  We all fell asleep for a short time.  We arrived in Siem Reap around 6:20 pm.  We were so glad to get off that bus.  It was the hottest bus ride ever!

There was a free tuk tuk ride by the bus company.  We hopped in and drove to the Sala Bai Hotel.  The rooms were alright.  Ivan said we should check out The Villa which is right down the street.  The Villa Guesthouse had some great rooms, so we checked in.

We were all very hungry.  We walked to Pub Street to find dinner.  This is a great street that is closed at nighttime to traffic.  It’s filled with great restaurants and bars.  We sat down to eat at Pissa Italiano.  It was recommended in The Lonely Planet.  I ordered the banana pizza.  Jennifer had the Pizza Italia – which is ham and cheese.  Ivan got the tuna pizza.  The pizzas were a generous size.  The pizzas were awesome!  We were so stuffed after dinner.  Ivan wanted to check out some of the bars.  We stopped at the Funky Munky (great name!).  There was a quiz night going on – so we passed on this bar.  Angkor What? was too busy and we couldn’t find any empty seats.

We went to the Red Piano Restaurant.  Ivan read that Angelina Jolie had a cocktail named after her there.  Sure enough, the menu said try the Tomb Raider drink inspired by Angelina Jolie.  I had a boring banana and strawberry juice.  Ivan and Jennifer tried the Angelina Jolie drink.  The drinks’ ingredients are contreau, lime and tonic.  It was a plain drink.  Jennifer thought it tasted better after she squirted more lime in it.

Next, we went to the Banana Leaf.  I had a great non-alcoholic banana drink.  It was tasty!  Ivan and Jennifer got a banana drink with alcohol – but it tasted nothing like bananas.

On December 12, 2008, we walked to the Butterfly Garden for lunch.  It was a big garden with butterflies flying around freely.


There is a big tank filled with goldfish.  The menu was a little pricey.  Ivan got a baguette and a soup.  Jennifer got a chicken pasta salad.  I got the banana amok.  The food was average.

We walked further into town.  It was nice to explore the city during the daytime.


Jennifer loves the French style buildings.  We went to the pharmacy.

Jennifer signed up for a 3 hour spa package which included a massage, body scrub and facial.  Ivan wasn’t feeling good.  He had a headache and a stomachache.  Ivan and I went back to the guesthouse to rest.  Ivan tried to sleep but couldn’t.  He did get rest though.  I took a nice monkey nap.  We picked up Jennifer at 5 pm at the Bodia spa.  She had a great massage, body scrub and facial.

We walked back to the guesthouse to rest.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan and Jennifer watched some tv.  Ivan was still taking it easy.  We went to get some dinner.  Our guesthouse was having an all you can eat BBQ for $6 per person or monkey.  There was chicken sausages, baked potato, hamburgers, salad, chicken and fish kebabs.  I had the chef make me a special dish of banana, chicken and onions cooked in a banana leaf.  The food was really good.  I tried some baked potato for the first time.  It tasted better with bananas.  Jennifer wanted something sweet.  She ordered a brownie with vanilla ice cream.


Ivan and Jennifer thought the brownie was great, but the ice cream was ok.  I had a delicious banana split with extra bananas.

We took it easy.  Ivan still wasn’t feel well.  We watched a lot of tv.  Ivan and I went to sleep early.  Jennifer stayed up and went on the internet to upload pictures to Flickr.

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