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Massages and Pizza in Dali

Massages and Pizza in Dali

We woke up on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 in Dali.  We went to get breakfast at the guesthouse.  It was good.  We switched to the Song room before heading out.  We rented bicycles.  We went with an English couple (who we’ve seen in Chengdu and Mt. Emei) and a guy to the Three Pagodas.  It wasn’t that long to get there.  They charge too much to get in so we just took some pictures outside.


The other people were biking to the lake.  It’s a long 2 hour ride.  Ivan and Jennifer wanted to go back.  The bike seats were not very comfortable.  We biked back to the Jade Emu Guesthouse.

We walked into Old Town.  It’s only a short walk that takes about 15 minutes to get to.  We had lunch at the Tibetan Lodge Cafe.  Ivan and I had a banana smoothie while Jennifer had a apple smoothie.  Lunch wasn’t anything spectacular.  I had a banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan had a tuna sandwich.  Jennifer had an egg sandwich.  We looked around some more.  We found a massage place that was cheap.  We said we’d be back later in the afternoon.  We went around the town looking at the shops.

Ivan and Jennifer were getting a facial and an upper body massage.  Jennifer was going to get waxed – eyebrow and upper lip.  I was getting a full body monkey massage.  I loved my massage.  I’ve never had one before.  It was very good and worked out my pains.  Jennifer liked her massage.  It came time for her wax.  But, it seems like they don’t do waxing in most Chinese places.  The lady asked her if she wanted tweezer or this blade.  She was going to pass but the lady said it didn’t hurt when she asked.  First, it was the upper lip.  The lady used a string to cut it.  That was weird!  Jennifer said it didn’t really hurt much.  Then, a blade was used for the eyebrows.  The blade didn’t hurt at all.  Jennifer liked the green tea massage and upper body massage.  The massage was very different.  Ivan enjoyed his as well.  He wasn’t sure how the little Chinese ladies hit so hard when giving a massage.  We paid and told them we’d be back tomorrow for a full body massage for each of us.  We went back to the guesthouse for a little while.

We wanted some dinner.  We walked to the Bad Monkey Bar in Old Town.  What a cool name!


This place is run by two British men.  I talked to one of the guys and asked if I could have Banana and Chips instead of the usual Fish and Chips.  I got what I wanted.  Ivan ordered the Tuna Pizza.  Jennifer got the Salami pizza.  We found out from the owner that the cheese is imported from New Zealand.  The salami is from Milan.  My food was really good.   Ivan and Jennifer loved their food!  It was the best pizza they’ve had in China!  After dinner, I went upstairs to play with a monkey who hung out at the Bad Monkey often.    It was a good place to hang out.  I had fun playing with Roger the Monkey.  He spoke some English.  We swung around upstairs for a little while.  Ivan and Jennifer were talking to some people at the bar.  The subject came to hypnosis eventually.  Ivan told them that he was a hypnotist.  Later on, Ivan tried hypnosis on two men.  I think the noise was a big factor that it didn’t work all the way.  I heard Ivan say that this was a stoner place.  I don’t know what stoner means though.  I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean we’re going to get stoned by rocks.  That would not be welcoming.  I did notice people smoking rolled cigarettes.  I’m glad Ivan and Jennifer don’t smoke – it just smells bad!  We were there for a few hours.  We started walking back close to 11 pm.  It turned out to be a great day.

We woke up on November 5, 2008 to find out it was raining. We ate some breakfast.  We weren’t sure what to do.  Finally, we ended up walking to town with our raincoats on.


We definitely wanted to get our massages today.  We got our massages.  They were really good again.  The lady really worked on Jennifer’s back back this time.    Ivan brought some music to play on his iPod speakers.  He played some relaxing Pink Floyd.  Massages make you feel good and they’re relaxing.  We wanted some lunch at the Bad Monkey but it was too early to order food.  So, we went back to the guesthouse.  I studied Math  and English with Jennifer.  Ivan was working on his blog post.  Jennifer started reading The Lifeguard by James Patterson.  She kept reading for hours.  Ivan went into town to buy the bus tickets for tomorrow.  We chilled in the courtyard of the guesthouse and got some dinner from the takeout place.

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