Surfing Beach

Jennifer woke up around 7 am on July 15, 2009.  She walked to the Odyssey Surfing School which is located in the Mercure Hotel.  She had signed up for the half-day course (2 1/2 hours) for $30 USD.  The school provides a locker, a shirt to wear, water, and surfing equipment.

She was in a group of four people.  It was a Swedish couple and a Russian guy in her group.  The teacher showed them how to stand up on the board.  Everybody practiced on the surfboard.

The group walked to the beach.  First, they had to do exercises.  It was time to hit the waves.  Jennifer kept trying to stand up on the board, but it was really hard though.  The waves look really huge when you’re out there.  Jennifer kept trying to stand on the board.  It sucks because you swallow the saltwater and then your throat burns.  Jennifer was wearing her contacts.  The saltwater was burning her eyes.  Ivan and I went to watch her for a little while.  Jennifer kept falling into the water.  Jennifer stood on the board one time.

The group took a short water break.  Then, it was back into the water.  Jennifer stood on the board 2 more times.

She changed back near the lockers.  Jennifer saw the pictures of her surfing.  Most of them were her falling down.  Ivan was there to pick her up.  They walked back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel Jennifer ordered the free breakfast.  She got an omelet and toast.  Ivan and I had eaten breakfast earlier.  Jen was really tired from surfing and lack of sleep – so she took a nap.

Ivan and I used the internet.

We walked to the Bamboo Corner for lunch.  It’s very cheap there.  Ivan had mushroom soup and a tuna sandwich.  Jennifer got the Nasi Goreng Super for 10,000 IDR ($1 USD).  I had Mie Goreng with bananas.  The food was pretty good.

I worked on the blog and then went to the beach to chill out.  Jennifer used the internet.  Ivan went to relax at the Boardwalk right on the beach.

We drove to Queens of India for dinner.


Ivan and Jennifer ordered the very spicy masala papadums to start off with.  I ordered a banana and chicken in a tomato curry.


Ivan and Jennifer shared the Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Jalfrazie and the Garlic Naan.  The food tastes wonderful here!

We went to check out the clubs again.  We walked around Bounty nightclub.  The drinks were 2 for 1 before midnight at Paddy’s.  Paddy’s was playing good music.


We danced for a long time there.

Ivan, Jennifer, and I had free breakfast in the hotel on July 16, 2009.  Jen woke up with a headache and she ached.  Her thighs and arms hurt.  Surfing gives you a work-out.

We chilled in the hotel for a little while.

We drove to Beras Merah.  We were meeting Jennifer’s friend Dody’s brother.  He lives in Jimbaran.  We got there around 12:30 pm.  We were supposed to meet at 12:30 pm.  We decided to wait for Ricky to arrive.  He arrived at almost 1 pm.  He said he was sorry but he had a meeting that ran late.  We ordered our food.


Ivan ordered ikan pepes (grilled fish wrapped in a banana leaf).  I got the noodles with chicken and bananas.  Jennifer got the Nasi Goreng.  The food was good.  Jen’s Nasi Goreng was really big.  They talked awhile with Ricky about Bali and his job as a manager at a villa in Seminyak.  Ricky very kindly paid for the meal.  Ivan said he would have ordered more expensive dishes if he had known the meal was going to be a freebie! It turns out Ricky knows the owner of the restaurant.  He told us he had another meeting to go to.  We said goodbye to Ricky.

We walked across the street to the Discovery Mall.  Jennifer bought a few souvenirs.

We walked to Oceans 27.  It’s located behind the mall right on the beach.  I think it’s pretty hidden because it’s very empty in there.  Plus, they do enforce a rule – if you want to use the pool, you must purchase 50,000 IDR per person.  The price is with the taxes and service charges.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a bottle of water.  Ivan and I got a banana shake.  Jennifer ordered a strawberry shake.  The shakes were delicious!


Ivan and Jennifer swam in the pool.  We chilled on the nice lounge beds they have under the umbrella.  It was great as we were practically the only ones there, so we had the pool to ourselves. It was nice relaxing in the shade.

We drove to Jimbaran Beach for the sunset and dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a 2 kg tuna.  I ordered shish kabobs with chicken and bananas. They watched a Weeds episode while they waited for their food.


The sunset turned out really great.  The food was really good as usual.  We really like this place for the cheap food and the wonderful sunset.

We drove back to the hotel for the night.

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