Great Teppanyaki

Ivan, Jennifer and I had the buffet breakfast at the Crowne Plaza on June 8, 2009. After brekkie, we checked out of the Crowne Plaza. 

We took a taxi to Ancol, which is an area not far from the centre of Jakarta that contains lots of leisure activities, and where we had decided to spend a couple of days.  We checked in to the Mercure Convention Center Ancol. I flashed my monkey discount card and got us an upgrade to a nice sea view deluxe room.

Jennifer was really tired.  She took a 2 hour nap.  Ivan worked on his blog.  I watched cartoons on tv.

We had a late lunch at the coffee shop in the hotel.  Ivan had a soup with fish while Jennifer got a Thai Fried Rice. 


I had a nice banana and peanut butter sandwich.  The food was good.

We walked around Ancol.  There’s a theme park, beach and small water park in Ancol. 

We chilled in the room for awhile.


We went to Shiosai for dinner.  It’s a Japanese restaurant.  We decided to have teppanyaki. 


Ivan and Jennifer started off with the hot tofu with mushrooms and onions – which was in a soup. 


Ivan ordered the salmon while Jennifer got the spring chicken.  I decided to order a dish with rice and chicken teriyaki – I added some banana to it.  Ivan and Jennifer got edamame and a small salad that came with their meal. 


The chef cooked up Ivan and Jennifer’s dishes on the teppanyaki grill.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a glass of Indonesian wine.  The dishes come with vegetables as well.  Jennifer’s chicken was really good and came with pineapple.  The food tasted great, and it was really cheap also – only about 6 dollars for the chicken and 8 dollars for the salmon.

Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast at the coffee shop in the hotel on June 9, 2009.  Ivan had a vegetable omelette while Jennifer had a plain omelette. 


Jennifer also ordered a yummy strawberry juice.  I had a noodle dish with bananas and a banana juice.  The food was good.

We walked to the Ancol Dreamland.  Jennifer still wasn’t feeling good.  She decided to go back to the hotel room.  Ivan and I rode some rides. 


There weren’t that many rides there – but at least it was quiet and so there was no line for the rides. The most fun ride was the Tornado – one of those rides that twists you up and down while you are really high up in the air. I didn’t ride it, and was happy to watch Ivan as he had fun on it.

‘There’s was one ride that is almost exactly like “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland – with almost the same music and very similar theme.  It’s no wonder that some people say that Disney has sued this place!

After the visit to the theme park, Ivan went to the gym for a little while, which was next to the hotel.

We went to Shiosai again for teppanyaki dinner. 


Ivan and Jennifer started off with the tofu with ice cubes and mushrooms and onions.  I ordered the same dish of chicken teriyaki, rice and bananas. 

Spring Chicken

Ivan and Jennifer both ordered the spring chicken.  The food was great again.

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