Cat Museum

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Singgahsana Lodge on May 9, 2009.  We walked to the Borneo B&B.  We checked in there.  Ivan was feeling better today. 

We took a taxi to the Buhari Cafe.  Ivan saw a article in a magazine about the cafe.  This restaurant is known for their briyani, which is a traditional Northern Indian with spices and raisins. 


Ivan got a fish briyani while Jennifer got a chicken one.  I got one with chicken and bananas.  The dish certainly didn’t look like the picture in the magazine.  There was no raisins and not much spices.  There was a sauce that they gave us.  It tasted better with that. 

We walked to the Sunday Market.  Ivan heard it was good.  But, we only found food being sold there. 


The bananas are so cheap here – it’s great!  I stock up and place them in my secret stash.  Don’t tell Jennifer though!  She has to carry the backpack where I keep my secret stash. 

Jennifer was still hungry.  We went to the Secret Recipe.  She had a healthy vegetarian soba. 

We took a taxi to the river.  Here, we took a boat across the river.  Ivan wanted to check out Fort Margarita.  We walked a few minutes to get there. 


It’s located close to this newer building.  We saw a sign that says Fort Margarita.  But, it was just a big pile of building.  We were disappointed to have walked all this way only to find out that it was demolished.  [A few days later, we did find out Fort Margarita is still there.  It’s just a bit farther than where we were.] 

We walked to find a taxi.  Ivan and Jennifer wanted to check out the Cat Museum.  Unfortunately, there’s no taxis on this side.  We had to take the boat back to the other side of the river.

We hopped into the boat. 


It took us back to the other side. 

Kuching means cat.  So, there are a lot of cat statues around the city.  We found a taxi and got in.  We were headed to the Cat Museum. 


The Cat Museum is located inside City Hall.  There is no charge for entering the museum.  If you want to use your camera, you have to pay 4RM. 


The museum is filled with cat figures, artwork and posters.  The Japanese lucky cat was there.  Also, there’s Satoru Tsuda’s work.  Ivan and Jennifer both thought his photos were digitally altered.  He’s a man who wanted to create photos with cats.  He went on a search and picked four cats. 


These four cats were trained to stand on their hind legs and pose for a long time.  He became a very rich man.  He does take care of lots of cats.  It’s amazing that he trained them so well.  The pictures are really cute. 

They have collected a lot of cat things here. 


We even saw some cat teapots.  There are pictures of famous people with their cat.  Even people with Cat in their name our mentioned like Cat Stevens.  There’s also a room filled with movie posters that relate to cats like Cat People. 

The souvenir stalls have lots of cat souvenirs.  Jen found some cool beaded souvenirs that were shaped like monkeys, turtles and of course cats. 

We left the museum.  Our taxi driver had waited for us, so we were driven back to Borneo B&B. 


We saw the big cat statue and took a picture.

We walked to Little Lebanon for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with the hummus.  It looked like hummus but it tasted nothing like hummus.  It tasted like peanut paste.  I ordered the chicken and banana kebab. 


Ivan and Jen both got the chicken kebab which is a house specialty.  The chicken was really hard.  It didn’t have much flavor either.  The pita bread was very stale.  We were really disappointed with the meal.  

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