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Satay Market

Satay Market

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Reggae Guesthouse on April 23, 2009. 

We had lunch at Nando’s.  We had the same exact thing as last time.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the Novo Pita for a starter.  I had a banana and chicken dish with rice. 

Chicken Sandwich

Ivan got the chicken sandwich while Jennifer got a chicken pita.  The food was good again.

We took a bus to Melaka, Malaysia.  It was a short 2 hour ride.  The seats were very comfortable.  The bus only had a few people on it.

We got a taxi to Hotel Puri.  It’s located in the Chinatown area.  We checked in to the hotel. 


The lobby has really great decorations in it.  The rooms were rather plain, but very clean.

The Chinatown in Melaka is very pretty.  The buildings are really old. Some of the buildings are decorated nice.  I like the colorful buildings here too.  The Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur is pretty boring compared to the one in Melaka.

The tricycles are nicely decorated. 


The drivers try to attract people to ride them.  Some even have lights, a fan and music. 

We took a tricycle to Capitol Satay.  This restaurant is very popular.  a There’s always a long line in front.  We waited about 15 minutes for a table.  We sat down. 


You get to choose the food on sticks like fish or chicken.  Each stick is 70 cents.  I had to ask for some sticks so I could make my own banana kebabs.  An employee puts a big container of satay in the middle of the table.  It takes a few minutes to heat up. 


You place the kebabs in the satay to cook.  It tastes really good!  Employees always check that the heat is just right.  Also, they will mix more into the container.  Ivan and Jennifer had 29 sticks and a few plates.  I had 8 banana kebabs.  This is a good restaurant if you don’t mind waiting for a table.

We walked back to the hotel.  We rested and soon went to sleep.

Ivan and I had the free breakfast buffet at Hotel Puri on April 24, 2009.  It wasn’t much.  There was cereals, noodles and eggs. 

We went to lunch at Restoran Peranakan.  It’s located very close to Hotel Puri.  The restaurant is pretty inside. 


Ivan ordered the fried tofu and Ikan Bilis (small fish and onions).  I had the Fried Bee Hoon with bananas.  Jennifer had the Fried Mee with chicken.  It was really good food. 

We went shopping in Chinatown.  Ivan and Jennifer were looking for souvenirs. 

We took a taxi to Jimmy’s house.  He’s a couchsurfer.  He agreed to show us some places in Melaka.  We met him at a 7-11 by his apartment.  We spent a few hours at his apartment.  There were three other couchsurfers there as well, so we all had a chat together. They seemed to think I was very cute. I thanked them for the nice compliment.

After a while Jimmy said that he was going to take us for a walk. There were 5 of us on the walk – 4 couchsurfers plus one monkey. The walk at first was easy, and even me, with my little monkey legs could keep up…but then we started to climb up a mountain which was pretty steep, so I took the opportunity to jump into the backpack which Jennifer was carrying. It was very tiring, and Jennifer found it quite hard to keep up. We were trying to get to the top so we could see the sunset.

We eventually got to the top and enjoyed the nice sunset.


Walking down was naturally a lot easier, and once we were at the bottom we jumped into a taxi and went to the night market. This was a market that takes place in Chinatown, very close to where out hotel was. The whole street was cut off to traffic and stalls were set up selling a mixture of local food, souvenirs and other things.


Jennifer and Ivan went to look at the souvenir stalls, while I went banana hunting. After successfully finding some tasty bananas I met back up with Jennifer and Ivan and we all explored the market together. We walked up and down it a few times – mainly because we couldn’t find the crepe guy who was there earlier and sold Jennifer and Ivan some very tasty crepes!


After all the walking, we joined Jimmy for a Tea in a local cafe and then went back to the Hotel Puri to sleep.

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Have you try on Thailand? It’s very beautiful country and nice people.

We’ve been to Thailand three times on our trip. It is a great country with very friendly people. The beaches are nice there.

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