Ko Phangan

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Ko Tao Island Resort on April 5, 2009.  We were picked up by a truck.  We arrived at the ferry.  Ivan got our tickets for the ferry.  We boarded the ferry.  We arrived in Ko Phangan an hour later.

We hopped into a taxi.  We didn’t have any accommodation booked yet.  We were dropped off in the Haad Rin area.  Ivan wanted to stay right by Haad Rin Nok.  It’s the location of the Full Moon Party Beach.  The party would be occurring in a few days on April 9th.  Jennifer and I sat down in the Tommy Resort’s restaurant.  Ivan checked out different resorts around the area.  Ivan came back and said we’d stay at Tommy Resort. 


We checked in.  We placed our backpacks into the room.

At this point, we were all starving.  We went to the Moon Dolphin restaurant.  Ivan ordered a spicy pad-seaw with chicken.  Jennifer got a pad-seaw with chicken.  I had fried rice with bananas.  The food here is cheap and tastes good.

We walked to Dream Cones.  This place offers free wi-fi.  I had a banana ice cream scoop.  Ivan and Jennifer each ordered a chocolate ice cream scoop.  The ice cream was good.  The chocolate was really rich though.  Ivan and Jen used the laptop for awhile.  It started raining.  It seems that it rains a little each day.

We walked into town.  We picked Bongo Bungalow for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a falafel.  I had a pad thai with bananas.  The food was alright here.  The restaurant was playing the movie The Doors.  A lot of the restaurants here play different shows like Family Guy, Friends and The Simpsons.  At night, the restaurants like to play mostly newer movies. 

We went to the beach on April 6, 2009.  The waves are really big at the Haad Rin Nok beach.  I ran around on the beach while Ivan and Jennifer were in the water.  I saw a nice lady who handed me a banana.  I wish I got free bananas more often!  We headed to the pool at our resort.  It’s a nice big pool.  Ivan was reading in the pool. Jennifer was swimming around.  I soaked up the sun on a lounge chair. 

During the day, there are many football (soccer) games played. 


The games are right on the beach behind Tommy Resort.  We sat down and watched two games of football.  It’s exciting to watch. 

We walked into town for lunch.  Ivan wanted to try a schnitzel.  We sat down at Mama’s Schnitzels.  Ivan and Jennifer each ordered a chicken schnitzel.  I had a banana schnitzel.  We all enjoyed the yummy schnitzels.  We chilled in the room for awhile.

We went to Trattoria Italiana for dinner.  The dishes were  expensive.  I had a banana ziti.  It was alright.  Ivan had a terrible vegetable calzone.  Jennifer had cheese and spinach raviolis.  The dish wasn’t that big.  Jen said it tasted alright, but Ivan thought it was a rip-off. 

We hopped into a free taxi headed to the Pool Party.  It’s located at the Coral Bungalows.  The party says on the flyer that Thais are not allowed at the party.  The lady thought Jennifer was Thai.  Ivan said No, she’s not Thai.  The weather was good.  The pool party has no entry fee.  There was a lot of people at the party.  Jennifer forgot to bring her swimsuit. 

Ivan and Jennifer ordered a bucket to share.  I had a banana juice.  The music was really good.  We danced around the pool area.  There were lots of people in the pool.  Ivan jumped in.  He was trying to get Jennifer to go in.  It was great fun dancing around.  I wish there were other monkeys at the party.  Ivan was in the pool.  I jumped on his shoulders.  Other people were trying to grab me too.  I think they were drunk.  I tried to dance on Ivan’s head.  But, I almost fell in the pool!  Ivan put me back on the ground so I could dance some more. 

Jennifer jumped into the pool with her clothes on.  Everybody was having fun.  I was really enjoying my monkey self.  We partied for awhile.  We hopped onto a motorbike.  We were dropped off in town.  Ivan and Jennifer were hungry.  They grabbed a sandwich.  I had a banana crepe.  We walked back to Tommy Resort.

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