Bantayan Island

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Malapascua Island Exotic Dive & Beach Resort on February 24, 2009.  Ivan wanted to go to Bantayan Island.  He set up a boat with Michael.  We boarded the boat about 1:20 pm.  The waves were big today.  It was raining for awhile.  We arrived on Bantayan Island at 3:40 pm.  The driver took us right to our resort.

We checked in to the Budyong Beach Resort.  Our hut was only a few minutes from the beach.


The beach is located in Santa Fe on Bantayan Island.  Ivan rented a motorbike from the resort for a day.  We drove to D’Jungle for lunch.  Ivan had the sizzling chicken.  Jennifer ordered the chicken adobo.  I had a chicken and banana sandwich.  The food was good.

Ivan and Jennifer wanted to find an ATM.  There’s one located in Bantayan.  We took the 20 minute drive across the island.  There’s an old church called St. Peter that was built in 1580 located in the plaza.


It’s a great church with stained glass windows.



They’re trying to remodel it.

We stopped by a school.  The band was practicing.  There was going to be a parade on Friday.


We listened for a few minutes.  It sounded quite nice.

We used the internet cafe.  Next, we went to dinner at Zenith.  Ivan had a tasty fish dish.  I had an okay banana and chicken bbq.  Jennifer got the garlic chicken which didn’t taste very good.

We chilled on the beach in the morning of February 25, 2009.  The weather was sunny and hot.   Ivan decided to keep the motorbike again.  He thought it was really fast.  We started to get hungry.  We drove to Merly’s.  Ivan ordered the grilled fish.  Jennifer got the chicken bbq.


I got a banana and honey sandwich.  A nice employee there talked to us about Bantayan.  She was really nice.  The food was really tasty here.  After lunch, Ivan amazed the staff with a few magic tricks. They loved it!

Ivan wanted to drive around the countryside.  Jennifer loves doing this since you get to see the people and their villages.  The kids are the best part.



They love getting their pictures taken and waving at you.  It’s great to wave at them and see their smiles.  Ivan put some tunes on his iPod speakers and drove around for awhile.


It was really great.


There are a lot of churches on Bantayan Island.  There’s Catholic churches and also a Filipino religion similiar to Catholic.

Catholic Church

We went back to our room.  We took the free boat to the Floating Bar.


It’s a bar floating on the sea.  Unfortunately, the weather was bad so we didn’t get a good sunset.  We watched some of Harry Potter 3.

We went back to the room.  We were hungry and decided to drive to dinner.  We went to the Blue Ice Bar.  Our food turned out great!  Ivan had the sizzling fish while Jen got the sizzling gambas (shrimp).   Jen’s dish had a great sauce.


I went for a nice sauteed vegetables and bananas dish.  Afterwards, we drove to the internet cafe.  We all used the internet.  I was looking at different banana plants.  I saw a banana eating race on Youtube.  I would love to enter a monkey banana eating contest.  I think I could win!  The prize should be a year’s supply of bananas.  Then, it was back to the resort for some rest.

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