Ivan, Jennifer and I had lunch at the resort on February 23, 2009.  Ivan had the cream of mushroom soup and a tuna and egg sandwich.  I ordered a nice banana and honey pancake.  Jennifer ate a tuna salad and cream of mushroom soup.  The food tasted real nice. 

Ivan and Jennifer put on their swim suits.  They were taking the Discover Scuba Diving course.  They met their teacher Ollie at the resort.  He spoke about how to use the equipment.  He also talked  about breathing underwater.  We all boarded the boat at 1:30 pm.  I came along to read my book on the boat.  The boat stopped on a quiet part of the island. 


There was different things Ivan and Jennifer had to learn before actually going diving.  An important part is breathing underwater.  You breathe through the regulator, your nose and your ears.  The ears part was hard for Jennifer to actually do.  If you don’t do it correctly, you’ll feel pressure in your ears.  There’s also taking water out of your mask underwater.  Another thing, is learning how to find your regulator and put it in your mouth and breathe. 

Ivan and Jennifer were in shallow water at this point.  Ollie would take them under and see if they could do the tests.  Jennifer kept feeling the pressure in her ears.  I think she made her ears pop once.  Jennifer kept panicking and swimming up to the surface.  She said that even though she spit water into the regulator after re-inserting it underwater – she felt like she was breathing the salt water.  That may have just been in her mind though.  Ollie said if she didn’t want to continue it was fine.  She decided to chill on the boat instead.  Jennifer seemed a bit sad.  I tried to give her hug and a banana.  But, she wasn’t having it.  I think she really wanted to like diving.  It was just hard for her to remain calm. 

Ivan went diving with Ollie.  He went underwater about 6 meters deep.  Ollie kept checking how much air in Ivan’s tank.  Ivan was breathing too hard.  So, they came back to the surface.  Ivan enjoyed the diving.  He wants to do the PADI courses so he can get certified.  Ollie told him that this class would go towards credit for his PADI courses.  It was recorded into the computer.  We arrived back from diving at 3:30 pm. 

We stayed in the room awhile.  Ivan wanted to see the sunset.  We walked to Sunsplash.  The restaurant has a great area to sit down on the beach.  Everybody sits on pillows.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a drink.  I had a good banana and mango shake. 


We ordered dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer got the famous chicken fajitas.  I got a chicken and banana pizza.  Jennifer got a manicure while we waited for our food.  We loved the food again!  Ivan and Jennifer agree that you MUST try the chicken fajitas at Sunsplash if you ever come to Malapascua Island.  The sunset was really pretty.


Ivan and Jennifer had a few drinks.  It turned out to be a great time.

We were walking back to our resort.  We saw a bunch of people sorting fish.  Men, women and children were all helping out.


They caught a lot of fish that day. 

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