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Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Banwa Pension on February 17, 2009.  We got a tricycle and put our backpacks in the back.  Jennifer asked the driver to stop at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral first.  This is an old Catholic Church opened in 1872. 


Jennifer wanted to take pictures of the church.  We only stopped for a few minutes.  There was a few people inside the church.

The driver drove us to the airport next.  We were flying to Cebu, Philippines.  We flew off at 12:05 pm with Cebu Pacific.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a cup of noodles on the plane for a snack.  I had a banana with a few crackers.  The flight was a little over an hour long.

We arrived in Cebu.  We hopped in a taxi and headed to Casa Escano.  We checked into the Bed & Breakfast.  We wanted to check out the shopping mall nearby. 

We took a taxi to Ayala Center.  Ivan was searching for a nice restaurant.  We found Cafe Laguna.  The food was alright Filipino cuisine.  We shopped for a little while.  Ivan wanted to catch a movie.  We watched Pink Panther 2.  The movie was funny. 

We went to the Crown Regency Hotel, which is a new hotel in a very tall skyscraper- the tallest hotel in in the Philippines apparently.  When you walk in, there’s a weird smell.  We’re not sure what it is.  It’s definitely not a good smell either.  There’s a tower in the building that has rides at the top.  We went to the top.  Ivan was going to ride the Edge Coaster.  It’s a coaster on the edge of the top of the building.  The riders control the angle of the car.  It can go up to 55 degrees. 


Ivan was the only passenger of the 2 seater car.  He slid the car to the 55 degrees. 

Ivan on the Edge Coaster

It looked so scary!  I know you’re strapped in, but it would still be unnerving hanging up there and looking down. There was no way either myself or Jennifer would ever ride that thing!

We headed back to Casa Escano.  All of us were hungry.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was already closed at the Bed & Breakfast.  Ivan and Jennifer walked to Brew’s to grab some sandwiches.  They ordered two tuna sandwiches and a banana sandwich.  The food was alright.  We watched some television.  Then, we decided to sleep.

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