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Back to Puerto Princesa

Back to Puerto Princesa

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up really early on February 14, 2009.  We checked out of Gloria’s Beach Cottages in El Nido.  We boarded the bus at 7 am headed to Puerto Princesa.  The mini-van ride was very bumpy.  It’s a dirt road for most of the way.  Jennifer and I kept trying to sleep.  It was a little hard though.  The mini-van ride is supposed to be 6 hours.  It actually turned out to be 5 hours with two stops of about 40 minutes.  We got off the bus at the bus station. 


We waited while the men unloaded the luggage from the roof of the mini-van.  There was a man selling ice cream.  But, there was only two flavors: cheese and ube. 


I was disappointed that there was no banana flavor.

We got a tricycle to Banwa Pension.  We checked in and put our backpacks in the room.  It’s a nice place.  There’s a great common room with internet, books, a hammock, games and a place to make your own necklace. 


We had a big room with a fan.  There’s no hot water. 

We were all very hungry.  I ordered a banana curry.  Ivan got the veggie curry.  Jennifer got pasta with eggplant, onions and garlic.  The food was okay.  We took it easy at the guesthouse.  Ivan worked on his blog.  Jennifer was reading Bu$ting Vegas. 

Jennifer was trying to find out what time Ka Lui closed on the internet.  She saw information on a restaurant called Ditchay’s on wikitravel.  We decided to go there.  It’s a French restaurant.  The tricycle driver didn’t know where it was.  He asked somebody at a store to call the restaurant.  He got directions.  The restaurant is located in a house surrounded by many houses. 

Ditchay’s has only been open since December 2008.  No wonder nobody seemed to know where it was located.  The staff were so friendly.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a bottle of French white wine.  I got a lovely banana juice. 

Fish Pate

The fish pate with miini bllenis were ordered for a starter.  I ordered the banana and fish for my main course. 

Fish Filet

Ivan got the fish fillet with potatoes.  Jennifer ordered the split prawns with fries.  The food was fantastic.  Jennifer loved the split prawns.  The prawns  and fries had herbs on top.  It was delicious!  Ivan and Jennifer shared David’s Reward dessert.  It’s a light orange flourless cake.  It was good.  This restaurant is a hidden gem.  The food is phenomenal at very reasonable prices. 

We took a tricycle to Phoenix.  Ivan and Jennifer sang some karaoke.  It was pretty busy.  It would be a long wait for songs.  Ivan said we should head back to Banwa.  We were driving home.  Jennifer noticed that Warehouz 45 was busy.  We went inside and there was a live band playing.  We listened to the band play songs we actually knew.  Then, they started playing Filipino songs we didn’t recognize.  We took a tricycle back to the guesthouse.

We had lunch at Banwa Pension on February 15, 2009.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a tuna sandwich while I had a banana, nuts and honey sandwich.  The food was good.  It turned out to be another relaxing day.  The weather was really hot outside and humid.  We stayed in.

We went to Ditchay’s again for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with the fish pate again.  I ordered the fish and chicken dish again. 

Split Prawns l

Ivan and Jennifer each ordered a split prawns.  We all wanted something sweet.  I ordered a frozen banana crepe. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared the frozen mango crepe.  Once again, the food was fantastic.  I’m sure that once this place appears in my Lonely Monkey guidebook it will become really popular!

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