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Relaxing and Snorkeling

Relaxing and Snorkeling

Ivan, Jennifer and I moved to the room downstairs on the 11th of Feb- it was a lot nicer with a proper toilet and a private balcony overlooking the ocean.

I spent some time chilling on the balcony.


We spent the day just chilling in the room, and in the ArtCafe where we had some lunch. This place is great as the food it tasty, they have fast WIFI and wonderful views over the ocean. For lunch Jennifer had a great tuna melt. The bread here is home made so its really fresh and tasty. Ivan had some cream of mushroom soup and a tuna sandwich. I had a banana sandwich, and it was so good, I asked Jennifer if i could have a second one – and she let me!

That afternoon we chilled, and then went back to Sea Slugs again in the evening.


Ivan and me had the same food as the night before, while Jennifer had the traditional Filipino dish of Chicken Adobo.

The next day on the 12th, we decided to do another snorkeling tour – tour C this time, which would visit different paradise islands to tour A.

The first stop was the hidden beach where we did some snorkeling. Once again the water was incredibly clear, and the fish were out to play. Jennifer and Ivan loved the snorkeling – I could only imagine what it would be like..still I saw lots of fishes anyway as I was floating over the water.

We stopped on another island for lunch.


We did some more snorkeling while we waited for lunch to be prepared. I wish that we had an underwater camera so I could show you what Jennifer and Ivan were seeing as they were snorkeling. As well as all the colorful fish, they also saw lots of blue starfishes too.

I checked up on the guys who were cooking our lunch – they let me take a photo of them.


Lunch was better than the previous day, as we had a choice this time of Pork and Chicken as well.

We ate lunch while sitting on the white sandy beach.


After lunch we went to the secret beach. This was a beach that could only be accessed by swimming through a hole in the side of the island. Once through the hole – we were in a private lagoon – with a white sandy beach at the other end, and even clearer water than before.


This beach was the best one of them all! The three of us wished it really was a secret beach and that only we knew about it. It was truly really really beautiful.

DSC06794 .The weather turned a bit bad as we made our final stop of the day at the 7 commando beach – so we just so we just relaxed on the beach and rested.

That evening we all went for dinner at ‘Squidos’ – it wasn’t on the beach but was just behind the beach on the main road. Jennifer had some pasta for a change, while Ivan had spaghetti. They only had one drink, which was a rum and mango, but it must have been really strong because they both felt a bit drunk afterwards. I volunteered to help them finish the drinks, but they told me I’m too young to drink, and they my dad had given them strict instructions not to let me have any alcohol! We made the most of the free wifi in the cafe, then went back to our hut on the beach to sleep.

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Oh man, Lil’ Dave, those are sure some neat pictures of the secret beach and the snorkeling! It’s great to see Jen and Ivan looking so happy and relaxed, too.

Some of the beaches here are just paradise. Roscoe, you should come visit sometime. Ivan and Jen love snorkeling! They are definitely in beach mode – happy and laidback.

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