Spa break

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Green Tulip House on January 22, 2009.  We took a tuk-tuk to the Gong kaew Huen kum.  The hostel  has a big grassed area and a nice area to read, eat or use the internet. 


We put our backpacks in the room.  I found out that the hostel provides free bananas, tea and toast.  This place was too cool!  

We went out shortly to find lunch.  We ended up at a local restaurant.  Ivan and Jen had pad se-ew with chicken.  I had a noodles with bananas.  The food was good.  We decided to take it easy today.  We read our books and watched television.  It was really nice to get a break. 

We took a tuk-tuk to get dinner.  Ivan spotted a restaurant that looked nice.  We sat down to eat at Brix.  Ivan got a Tom Yum soup and a Thai salmon salad.  Jennifer got fettuccine with shrimp.  They got drinks also – Ivan got a Mojito and Jen ordered a Mai Tai.  I had a good Banana & Honey Milk Shake.  I ate a Hot and Spicy Banana  Soup.  The food was pretty good here.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a brownie cake for dessert.  It was a delicious heated brownie.  My dessert was better since it was a Banana Split!  Practically anything with bananas tastes good to me!

We went to a bar and had another drink.  I had a good virgin banana daiquiri.  We were getting tired and took a tuk-tuk back to the hostel.

Ivan woke up early on January 23, 2009.  He was going downhill mountain biking today.  Jennifer and I slept in.  Jennifer woke up and then read while she ate breakfast.  She set up to have a car pick her up from The Peak Spa.  I decided to stay in the hostel.  I wanted to eat some bananas and watch tv.

Jennifer was driven to the spa.  She picked The Classic spa package. This includes a Thai Massage herbal hot compress massage and then a deep tissue massage.  It also has a herbal facial massage.  Jennifer thought the 3 hour package was very calming.  It was definitely a deal at 2,200 Baht with the 500 Baht discount.  Jennifer was driven back to the hostel.

Ivan liked his mountain biking. 


He thought it was a lot of fun.  The brakes are different than he’s used to.  He ended up crashing.  He banged up his knees real good.


We took a taxi to the riverside.  Ivan wanted to have a nice view as we ate dinner.  We went to eat at The Good View Restaurant.  We saw right near the river – we had a good view. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared the mackarel teriyaki.  They really enjoyed it.  Ivan had a snapper and apricot soup which was alright.  Jennifer had the soft shell crab in curry sauce.  She didn’t like her dish at all.  The drinks were really good. 


Ivan got the Saloong drink and Jennifer got the Good View Dreamer.  I had a banana and chicken curry.  It was spicy and tasty.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a nice Swensen’s Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream. 

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