Tubing and Family Guy

Ivan, Jennifer and I got ready on the morning of January 10, 2009.  Ivan and Jennifer put their bathing suits on.  We stopped by the stalls.  We all ordered a banana and chocolate pancake for breakfast.  We walked to the tubing place and there was a long line.  We ate our breakfast.  We waited for a tuk-tuk to take us to the Nam Song river.  We were going tubing down the river today. 

We arrived at the river and jumped in the tubes.  I sat on Jennifer’s lap so I wouldn’t get wet.  Ivan and Jennifer said the water was really cold.  There are plenty of bars on the Nam Song River.  You can get alcoholic drinks at the bar.  Some of the bars have a swing over the water where a person can swing and then jump into the river. 

We stopped at one bar.  It had some nice music playing.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a vodka bucket.  I sipped on a cold banana juice.  Jennifer and Ivan shared a chocolate brownie.  We climbed back into our tubes and went further down the river.  We stopped at another bar.  It was time for another drink.  I think the only purpose of tubing on the river is to stop at the bars.  It’s no wonder it’s so popular with all the backpackers.  We chilled for awhile and then stopped at the Slide Bar. 


This bar had a huge slide that carries people right into the water.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a strawberry vodka bucket. 


I had a strawberry and banana juice.  We ordered two tuna sandwiches and a banana sandwich for lunch.  The sandwiches were average.  We didn’t want to tube any further.  We also heard that it was a long way to the end.  We jumped into a tuk-tuk back to town. 

For dinner, I got two banana pancakes from the stall.  Ivan got an omelette sandwich while Jennifer decided on a chicken sandwich.  We just chilled in the room watching tv.  We all had a fun day tubing down the river.

We slept in on the morning of January 11, 2009.  We walked to The Simpsons bar for lunch.  It’s located right by the Saysong Guesthouse.  Ivan ordered a tomato soup and muesli with fruit and yogurt.  Jennifer ordered a french bread pizza with chicken, onions and garlic.  Ivan and Jen thought the food was great. 

Banana Pancake

I bought two banana & honey pancakes from the stalls across the way.  We watched a few episodes of The Simpsons.  Next, we walked around the town.  It’s a small place that doesn’t have much traffic.  It’s a good place to relax in.

It was time to dinner.  We walked Vieng Champa restaurant.  It’s the place that plays Family Guy all the time.  Jennifer ordered a tuna sandwich.  I got a banana and chicken sandwich.  Ivan got a pumpkin soup and an eggplant sandwich.  The food was really enjoyable.  It was great watching Family Guy while relaxing on cushions.  The restaurant even provided blankets.  We all bundled up in a big blanket and watched a couple Family Guy episodes.

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    Mmm… banana & honey pancakes: that sounds tasty, Lil’ Dave.

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    Tubing and Family Guy – Monkeying Around the World

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