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French Bungalow

French Bungalow

Ivan, Jennifer and I packed everything up on January 9, 2009.  We said thank you and good bye to Isaac and Valerie.  We had a great time staying at their place and hanging out with them.  They’re very  friendly and lots of fun. 

We found a tuk-tuk and drove to Le Silapa.  This French restaurant has a set menu available for lunch.  Ivan got the vegetable cream soup and a fish in a red wine sauce.  Jennifer got the vegetable cream soup and a chicken in a mango sauce. 


I ordered a banana salad and a fish with a banana crust.  The food tasted really good.  For dessert, Ivan and Jennifer shared two dishes – an orange and chocolate sorbet in a bowl-shaped cone and jackfruit cake.  It was a good meal.

We had a tuk-tuk take us to the bus station.  We jumped on a bus heading from Vientiane to Vang Vieng.  The bus ride was pretty uneventful.  We arrived 3 1/2 hours later.

We were in search of a place to stay.  Ivan checked out the Saysong Guesthouse.  The rooms were nice.  The lady said that they also had bungalows by the river.  We checked out the bungalows and thought they were great.  We lugged our backpacks across the bridge to the River Hill Bungalows.  The only bad thing about our bungalows was the music playing from the Bucket Bar right behind it.  The music stops at midnight.  But, our bungalow was located near the speakers. 


Vang Vieng has numerous restaurants that play Friends, The Simpsons or Family Guy on the televisions.  There’s definitely more Friends bars than anything.  It’s nice to have some good show to watch while eating dinner.

Right by the Saysong Guesthouse, there’s always three stands selling sandwiches, pancakes and fruit shakes.  I grabbed two banana pancakes on the way to dinner.  I ate one on the way!  We walked to the Organic Farm Cafe.  It’s recommended in my ‘Lonely Monkey’ for their awesome banana shakes.  Ivan ordered the noodles with tofu, pumpkin and onions.  Jennifer got the Pad Lao with chicken.  We all ordered a banana shake.  These shakes are amazing!!  I ate my other banana pancake – which went well with my shake.  Ivan’s dish was alright.  Jennifer’s Pad Lao was great!  It was similar to a Pad Thai.

We went back to our bungalow and watched part of the movie Ghost Town.  The music was really loud.  Good thing, Ivan has his loud iPod  speakers that connects to the laptop.  We were all pretty tired and went to bed.

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