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Battambang countryside

Battambang countryside

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up really early on December 17, 2008.  We took a truck to the harbor.  We hopped on the crowded boat heading to Battambang, Cambodia.  The boat was full on the bottom – so we headed to the roof.  The day was overcast for a little while.  The sun came out and it was hot.  Ivan played some music on his iPod speakers.  The day actually flew by.  The boat ride was 8 hours long. 

We checked in to the Royal Hotel.  That night, we walked to the White Rose restaurant.  The food was not good there.  Jennifer a noodle dish and it barely had any noodles.  Ivan got a fish amok, but it didn’t resemble an amok at all.  I’m glad I brought my own banana sandwich. 

Ivan read on Gobackpacking Blog about Philay.  He’s a guide living in Battambang.  Ivan found him and set up a countryside sight-seeing day.  So, we woke up on December 18, 2008.  We set off on a motorbike following Philay.  We drove for a long time.  We got to see cockfight training.  Here the cocks fight only for a few rounds.


We stopped at Victory restaurant for a drink.  We walked up a big hill.  Here we saw a girl monkey who stayed on the hill.  She was shunned by her monkey tribe.  She actually ate practically anything like rice. 


I offered her a banana which she seemed to like a lot.  We walked to Phnom Sampeau (Killing Cave). 


It’s where many people were killed by the Khmer Rouge.  We visited a temple on the hill also.  We walked down the hill.  We had lunch at Victory restaurant. 

We drove around some more.  It was nice driving around.  It’s really dusty though.  We saw Crocodile Hill – which doesn’t look like a crocodile really.  Then, we went to see real cockfighting.  There was betting going on.  There wasn’t a girl in sight.  Jennifer wore a yellow skirt this day.  So, all the men’s eyes were on her.  I guess Cambodian women don’t show their legs much.  The men massage the chickens before they fight.  They sew their eyes shut before the fight.  Then, they sew them open right before the fight.  The fight is won if the other chicken runs away or one chicken dies.  The cockfighting training seemed more exciting.  Our last stop was the Bamboo Train.  This is a train made out of bamboo – it’s actually just a platform. 


The tracks aren’t aligned correctly so the train jumps every now and then.  We saw a great sunset on the train. 

We took a motorbike to the Riverside Balcony Bar & Restaurant.  You walk upstairs and the dining area and bar overlooks the riverside.  Unfortunately, it was dark so we couldn’t see the river.  I ordered a banana and chicken sandwich.  Ivan got the tuna sandwich while Jennifer got a chicken fillet.  The sandwiches were great!  Ivan and Jennifer shared one delicious apple crepe – it came with vanilla ice cream on top.

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