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Indian food and Wildlife

Indian food and Wildlife

Ivan, Jennifer and I slept in a bit on December 3, 2008.  We walked to Hope & Anchor for breakfast.  Ivan had a good spinach omelette.  Jennifer had an okay cheese omelette.  My banana omelette was good.  We checked out of the Velkommen Inn.  Jennifer bought some cough medicine.  It was a lovely hotel to stay with.  We liked the riverfront area though.  We took a tuk tuk to the riverfront.  We checked in to the Simon II Guest House.  It was a nice big room. 

We walked to the BKM Cafe to have lunch.  Ivan got the fish amok again.  I had a banana and cheese toastie.  Jennifer had a cheese and chicken toastie.  The food was good again.  Jennifer wasn’t feeling good.  She had a cough and sore throat in Nha Trang.  She only had lozenges to help her.  She would wake up in the middle of the night coughing.  The cough and congestion was still bugging her. She wanted to just chill in the hotel room.  Ivan went to one of the riverfront restaurants to relax and read a book.  Jennifer’s medicine made her drowsy and she took a nap.  She woke up and watched tv. She was getting into the movie 300.  Ivan came and said he wanted to eat as soon as possible since he was going to be entering a poker tournament. 

We went to an Indian restaurant called South India.  Ivan and Jennifer had the tahli.  It came with two vegetarian dishes (a dali and a vegetarian curry), a chicken masala and a naan bread.  I had the banana, chicken and potato curry with rice.  The food was delicious here.  It’s pretty inexpensive too – which is always nice!

Ivan rushed to the poker tournament at the Magic Sponge.  There was a $5 entrance fee. Jennifer went back to the room to watch some tv.  She watched Resident Evil.  It was getting late and wasn’t sure if Ivan was still playing in the tournament.  She went to the bar to see what was happening.  Ivan said that there were three more people left.  There were a lot of people who entered the tourna-ment.  Ivan ended up winning the tournament.  He won $90!  Ivan and Jennifer went back to the hotel to get some rest.

Ivan and I woke up around 8:30 am on December 4, 2008.  Jennifer was still sleeping when Ivan tried to wake her.  The plan for the day was the jeep tour to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary.   Jennifer was not feeling too good again.  She couldn’t sleep last night.  She ended up reading the rest of Inconceivable.  She stayed and slept until lunch time.  Ivan and I went to the jeep tour to the Wildlife Sanctuary.  Jennifer had lunch at the BKM Cafe.  She wanted the beef tacos but they were all out of beef.  She got a margarita pizza which was okay.

The wildlife sanctuary was absolutely fantastic. Ivan and I got an open top jeep there and instead of loads of tourists like some tours we do – there was only Ivan, another English girl and a little monkey – ME!

The sanctuary is for animals who have been rescued from bad situations – like monkeys that are made to do shows, or kept as pets when they shouldn’t be because they need to be in the wild. Personally I reckon the monkeys who didn’t like being a pet, had never met Ivan and Jennifer. They take really good care of me, and I know I am so lucky to have them as my mummy and daddy while my real dad Big Dave is back in England.

In the morning we walked around and saw lots of animals like storks and otters.


It was really interesting hearing the stories behind them. We then went to see some really friendly gibbons. They were shocked when they saw that I was a little monkey – they said that usually only humans come to visit them. They asked if I knew anyone called ‘Mike the monkey’ in England, but I said that the only monkey in England I knew was called ‘Dave’.

When I was in China, I couldn’t understand the monkeys in because they only spoke Monkey Chinese, but the monkeys here had learnt Monkey English because when they were pets they used to have access to the Internet and so learnt it from that.

We chatted for quite a bit – I wish I could have offered them a banana, but I didn’t bring any with me that day.

There were also lots of wild monkeys too who weren’t in the cages, but still lived in the park. I got chatting to them too and told them all about my travels. They gave me some bananas to eat which was nice of them as they were a bit low on supplies, but they said they dont get many Monkeys from American visiting them so they were really pleased to see me.

We then went for some lunch in an open clearing – there were tasty curries and rice.

After lunch we went to visit the elephants. This was the highlight of the day. We got to walk right behind the elephants as they went to the elephant bathing pool. We then watched them take a bath, and then roll around in the sand.


Afterwards we went to see some more Gibbons, and then the bears.

All in all it was a really wonderful day – there were barely any other tourists in the park that day – only a few Cambodian ones, and certainly no other Western ones.

That evening we once again went to the Indian restaurant, and had almost the same meal as the night before. It was a lot lot busier than the previous night, but the food was still really really good.

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I was recently introduced to India food and really fell in love with tikka massala with naan. It it so good, but very rich. My company springs for lunch on Friday so I think I know where I’m going tomorrow.

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