A Cafe and a Brewery Tour

Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast in the hostel on September 15, 2009.  We checked out of Calypso Inn Backpackers.  We chilled at the hostel for awhile.

We got the free bus into town.  We all had wraps at the mall.  We walked around town for a bit.  We got the bus back to the hostel.

Jennifer ordered a taxi to pick us up.  The taxi drove us to the airport.  We boarded the plane headed towards Brisbane.  It was an hour and a half flight.

We took the Skytrain to Central Station.  We took the wrong exit out of the station.  Then, Ivan couldn’t find the hostel.  Jennifer and I waited while Ivan ran around to find the hostel.

We checked in to X Base.  Ivan thought the location was really good.  The room was stuffy with bad air conditioning like last time.  So, we got a room on the roof.  It came with a fan but it wasn’t very good.  It got cool when we left the window open.  One downside was walking across the roof to the bathroom.

For dinner, we walked to Gunshop Cafe.  The restaurant has great design.


Ivan and Jen shared the tasty house dips.  I had a banana and chicken dish with a creamy sauce.  Ivan had a great snapper.  Jennifer had a plain gnocchi in a tomato sauce with goats cheese.  Sorry, we had a problem with our memory card so some of the pictures got corrupted.


We walked back to the hostel.


There was a nice view walking on the bridge.

Ivan, Jennifer and I walked around the city on September 16, 2009.  Jennifer wasn’t feeling so good.  We took the train to Milton Station.

We walked to the Castlemaine Brewery.  We were doing a brewery tour.

Our guide walked us through the brewery.  We learned about the process of beer making.  We also learned about the ingredients.  Australians add sugar to their beer because of the climate.  If they didn’t add it, the beer would make them sick to their stomach.  At the end of the tour, we saw the bottles on the packing line.  They bottles were labelled and then packed up for shipping.  It was cool to see.  The tour was very interesting.

At the end, we were allowed to get four different beers.  Ivan and Jen each got to pour a beer from the tap.


I had a great banana beer.  I thought it would have been a lot better without the beer.  It distracts the drinker from the essential flavors of the bananas.  Ivan and Jen tried some beers, but they couldn’t finish them.  They shared some naughty fries.

We got the train back to Central Station.  We chilled in the hostel and used the internet for awhile.

We walked to Wagamama for dinner.  We all had some noodles.  They were not too bad tasting. After the meal we walked back to the room.

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