Walking, Drinks and a Movie

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Flinders Station Backpackers Hotel on August 8, 2009.  We stored our luggage in a locker there.  You have to pay for 24 hour use.

We walked to Healthy Appetite for lunch.  I got a banana and tuna wrap.  Ivan ordered a roasted vegetables wrap while Jen got the chicken and avocado wrap.  The wraps weren’t that big, but they were tasty.

We walked around the city.  Ivan wanted to ride the free tram around the city.  It’s great that it’s free.  It gives you a nice scenic view of the city.  Also, it lets you rest your feet.

We got back to the hotel right before 3:30 pm.  We were meeting Jennifer’s old friend Christine.  They met a long time ago on a bbs called MC back in the 1990’s.  We would be staying with her for two nights in North Melbourne.

She drove us to her townhouse located in Epping.  It took about 20 minutes to get there.  We stopped by a grocery store to get some food.  I made sure to get some bananas.  We all took showers.  Jennifer’s eyes were really hurting today.

Everybody got ready to go out for the evening.  We were all getting hungry.  It took an hour by train to get to the city.

We walked around to find a restaurant.  We looked at one place but their menu wasn’t too exciting.

It was a really cold night.  I had to sit inside Jennifer’s jacket to stay warm.

Everybody agreed on the World Restaurant.  It was pretty inside.  There was a fireplace.   I ordered the banana ziti with chicken.  Ivan and Jennifer got a bottle of delicious Shiraz wine to share.


Ivan and Jennifer decided to share the chicken pappardelle with roast chicken, mushrooms and spinach and the roast pumpkin salad with feta.  The food were big portions and tasted really great.  We all chatted for awhile.

We went to Crown Casino.  We tried to get into the nightclub, but I guess we weren’t dressed nice enough.  We went to a bar there and Ivan and Jen had a glass of wine.  Christine was lots of fun.


Jen was a little drunk.  We started talking about sunscreen.  She started asking people if they wear sunscreen.  She said that 1 in 2 people get sunscreen.  She recommended that they wear SPF 30.  Jennifer is very outgoing when she’s drunk.


It’s weird that the casinos have signs next to the slot machine discouraging you to play or saying you should set a limit .  They would never do that in Las Vegas.

We went to another bar nearby and talked there.  It was time to head back to Christine’s place.  We got the train back to Epping.

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up around 11:30 am on August 9, 2009.  We had cup of noodles for lunch at the house.

We went shopping at Epping Plaza.  It’s located about 5 minutes away.  Ivan bought a few things.

We went back to the house and used the internet.  I decided to stay in and watch Madagascar on Jen’s iPod.  Ivan, Jen and Christine were headed to a movie.

Christine drove them to the mall.  They found a restaurant called Casa Bella.  Ivan and Jennifer shared some tapas.  They got marinated mushrooms, marinated eggplant, tandoori chicken and 3 dips (hummus, eggplant and yoghurt) with bread.  It was good.

They walked to the mall to watch the movie The Hangover.  It turned out to be a good, funny movie.


They drove back to the house.  Ivan and Jennifer played a game between the two laptops.  They used the internet.  Then, it was time for everybody to get some rest.

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