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Unique Ubud

Unique Ubud

Ivan, Jennifer and I had the great free breakfast at the Honeymoon Guesthouse on July 1, 2009.  Ivan had two boiled eggs with toast and a fresh mango juice.  Jennifer had a vegetarian omelet with toast and a fresh mango juice.  I tried to talk Jennifer into getting the banana crepe last night when they ordered – but she wasn’t having that.  I had two bananas.

We moved to a room downstairs.


The rooms have beautiful carved doors with bright paint on them.  The guesthouse is located in a temple.


There are 10,000 temples in Bali.

Ivan rented a motorbike for 50,000 IDR ($5 USD) a day.  We drove the motorbike to Casa Luna.  Casa Luna is the restaurant that provides the breakfast for the Honeymoon Guesthouse.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with the turkish bread with three dips.


The best dip was the eggplant one.  I ordered a banana and chicken sandwich on turkish bread.  That bread is really good!  Ivan had the delicious smoked marlin on turkish bread.  Jennifer had a green salad with avocado and asparagus.  The meal was great.

After the meal we all decided to go for a massage. We went to the Sedona Spa. Upon entry we were all impressed by the surroundings. It was really beautiful inside with a waterfall cascading down the wall, and everything was really nicely set out. We chose the Javanese Lulur package. It started off with a one hour massage. Then we all got coated in a tamarind body scrub. I wasn’t sure how this would react with my monkey fur, but the ladies insisted it would be fine, a many monkeys get this done with no problems. They then rubbed the scrub into our bodies. They then covered us in yogurt – not banana flavor unfortunately-Ivan confirmed that.

After the wonderful scrub, we all took a shower, and then there was a lovely Jacuzzi ready for us, filled with hot water and beautiful rose petals. While we were in the Jacuzzi we were given some delicious ginger, tea, and also a plate of fruit.

The total price? 14 US dollars each. This was easily the best massage/spa experience we have had in all of Asia. It was really amazing. The spa was so luxurious – like something you would expect to find in a 5 star hotel. And we were there for two full hours – so the price is just so so cheap!

After the spa, I went to meet up with my new monkey friend Manny in the Monkey Forest.  I had an invite from my Uncle Dave to meet Manny.  If you’re a monkey, you have to be invited by a local monkey to enter the Monkey Forest.  Uncle Dave is good friends with Manny and his family. [I forgot to mention that my Uncle Dave is in movies.  Ivan and Jen recently spotted him in the movie Drag Me to Hell.  If you watch it, look for him in the scene in the Bedroom.]  I met the other monkeys and we had a snack of bananas, coconuts and watermelons.  I told them I would come back tomorrow.  I said goodbye and went back to the guesthouse.

We rode around the town.  Ivan bought a bottle of wine.  We were going to have it later.  It was dark when we got back to the hotel.  There’s not much lighting there.  Ivan tripped over a step and the wine bottle shattered against the door’s wall.  We rested in the room a bit.

We got ready to go out.  Ivan read about a placed called Nomad on the internet.  We drove there for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with Balinese tapas.


They picked chicken sisit, grilled fish pepes and fish satay lilit.  I ordered banana in a Balinese curry.  Ivan got the delicious tuna fillet steak.


Jennifer had the pumpkin ravioli.  The food was excellent here.  It’s all very inexpensive too. The entire meal was about 10 US dollars!

We stopped at a store to get another bottle of wine.  We drove back to the guesthouse.

Ivan was trying to take a picture.  He had it set to automatically take a picture in 10 seconds.  He accidently knocked over the bottle of wine onto the floor.  Good thing, the guesthouse doesn’t have carpet!  He was thinking about buying another bottle.  But, he thought against it.  He thought that maybe somebody up there was trying to tell him not to have wine tonight.

Ivan and Jen had the free breakfast on the morning of July 2, 2009.


It’s great that the guesthouse brings you breakfast at what ever time you choose (9:30 am is the last time).  Plus they actually serve it on the balcony right outside the door to your room! The staff is so friendly here.  I had two bananas for my breakfast, which sounds very simply, but as a monkey, its what is called the ‘perfect breakfast’.

We used the internet for awhile.

We went to lunch at Casa Luna.


Ivan had the gado gado to start off with.  I had the banana and chicken sandwich on turkish bread again.  Ivan and Jennifer both got the tandoori chicken on turkish bread.


The chicken was outside of a pita.  The restaurant should have chopped up the chicken and placed it inside the pita with the salad.

Ivan heard that it’s cheaper to buy souvenirs a few minutes away from the main part of town.  We went shopping outside of town.  Ubud is filled with shops with unique art like statues and paintings.  It’s pretty laidback here with lots of things to do like jewelry making class, Balinese dance classes, painting classes and yoga.  Jennifer wanted to buy some souvenirs.  She bought a lot of musical instruments at a shop just outside of the main part of town.  It’s crazy how cheap things are here!


If you’re looking for cheap things to decorate your house, Ubud is the place to go!

We chilled at the guesthouse for awhile.

We decided to go to Nomad for dinner again.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with the tasty smoked marlin salad.  I ordered the banana raviolis.  Ivan got the chicken in a Balinese curry.


Jennifer had the tagliatelle with chicken, onions and spinach in a pesto sauce (instead of the cream white wine sauce it usually comes with).  The food was delicious again.  We left full and very happy.

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Ok. Now I’m hungry!

The food pics do make you hungry! Nomad has some awesome food!

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