Ivan, Jennifer and I got off the bus at 4:30 am on May 30, 2009.  The pier was very busy since it was almost the Harvest Festival or Gawai Dayak (New Year’s for the tribes like the Iban people).  We wanted to buy our ferry tickets for going to Kapita.  Ivan waited in line.  He bought tickets for 1 pm. 

We tried to find accommodation for a few hours.  Li Hua said they were booked up.  People had checked out but they wouldn’t clean the rooms.  We checked in at the Kingwood Hotel.  They wouldn’t give us a discount.  We fell asleep.

We checked out of the Kingwood Hotel.  We walked to Kheng Hock Cafe for lunch.  Ivan got a fish claypot while Jennifer got a chicken claypot. 


I got a soup with noodles, bananas and chicken.  The food was very tasty.

We went onto the ferry.  It left at 12:55 pm.  We arrived in Kapit at 4 pm. 

Ivan went searching for a hotel.  We checked in to the Meligai Hotel. 

Ivan wanted to book a homestay for the Harvest Festival.  He couldn’t find a travel agency though.  Finally, he asked a lady in a shop.  She took us to a hotel nearby.  The lady said she would contact somebody for us.  The guy would meet us at the hotel at 7 pm. 

We walked to the Good Taste Cafe.  Ivan had the kung pao chicken while Jennifer got noodles with chicken.  I had noodles with bananas.  The food wasn’t very good here.

We walked around the city.  The food didn’t fill us up so we stopped at the Famous Bakery.  We got some banana bread.  It was very moist.  It was even better than the bread in Kota Kinabalu.

We met up with Joshua at 7 pm.  Ivan booked a homestay at an Iban Longhouse for tomorrow.  We’d get picked up at 11 am the following morning.

We went to the markets for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer shared some chicken satay.  I had banana and chicken satay.  It was good.  Ivan had Nasi Lamak while Jen had Nasi Goreng.


We walked back to the hotel.  Soon after we went to bed.

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