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Diving, Blogging and Italian Food

Diving, Blogging and Italian Food

I added a video to the Kuala Lumpur post.  It’s Ivan feeding the lorrie birds. Check out the video here.

Ivan woke up early on May 15, 2009.  He was picked up at 8:20 am.  Today, he was doing a Scuba Diving Review course on Gaya Island.

Jennifer and I woke up around 10:30 am.  I started working on the blog with Jennifer.  She was playing the DS. 

We walked to the mall to have lunch.  Jennifer couldn’t find a Subway.  We went to Secret Recipe.  I ordered a nice mac and cheese with chicken and bananas. 


Jennifer got a pumpkin soup and a greek salad.  The salad had shredded lettuce.  It wasn’t very big either. 

It started raining really hard.  Jennifer wanted to get back though.  We ran part of the way since it was getting us soaked.  Jennifer stopped at the Carnation Cake House and bought some banana bread.  It’s really good.  I could eat these tasty breads everyday! 

I started blogging when we got back to the lodge.  Jennifer read the rest of Live Bait.

Ivan came back at 5 pm.  He was really tired.  We chilled in the hostel.

We took a taxi to Little Italy for dinner.  I ordered a banana pizza.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with bruschetta with eggplant paste on top. 


Ivan got a tuna pizza while Jennifer got the chicken ravioli with Siciliana sauce.  The Siciliana sauce contains garlic, tomato sauce, olive oil and eggplant.  The food was really good.  Ivan and Jennifer had a carafe of red wine.  We chatted for awhile.  Ivan ordered a crepe with chocolate ice cream.  Ivan and Jennifer really enjoyed it. 

We walked to Shenanigan’s in the Hyatt Hotel. 


We listened to the band there for a short time.  They were pretty good. 

We decided to walk back to the lodge.  We went to sleep early since we had an early start in the morning.

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