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One Day in Sibu

One Day in Sibu

Ivan, Jennifer and I packed everything up on May 12, 2009.  We said goodbye to Auntie, Charles, Gloria and Julia at the Homestay.  Charles drove us to the bus junction.  We were waiting for our bus headed towards Sibu.  The bus left the bus station at 8 am.  It came by around 8:20 am.  We hopped on the bus and sat down.  Ivan and Jennifer watched Arrested Development on the laptop and I took a nice monkey nap.  Jennifer also took a nap.  We had to switch buses after 3 hours.  The local bus took an hour to get to Sibu.  We were dropped off at the bus station.

Ivan and Jennifer loaded up the backpacks on our backs.  Ivan hadn’t booked any accommodation.  He left us in the park while he went to search for a hotel.  He found a good one.  We checked in to Li Hua Hotel.  We placed our backpacks in the room.

We walked around to find a good place for lunch.  We sat down at Kheng Hock Cafe.  Ivan ordered the fish claypot.  Jennifer had the fried noodles with chicken.  I had noodles with banana and vegetables.  The food was really good here especially Ivan’s hotpot which he said was really amazing.

I worked on the blog for awhile.  Jennifer played Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS.  Ivan went shopping around the city.  He walked around so much.


Sibu is known for swans.  I don’t think Sibu means swan though.  But, I could be wrong.

We took a taxi to Sushi Tie.  I had the chicken udon with bananas.  Ivan got the eel set while Jennifer got the chicken teriyaki set.  The sets come with bean curd, miso soup, rice and two slices of watermelon.  They also shared salmon, white tuna and tuna sashimi.  They food tasted really good.

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