Sizzling swimming

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Pirates House on March 29, 2009.  We left our backpacks at the Pirates House to store for a few hours.

We took a boat to Long Beach.  It only took less than 10 minutes.  We had lunch on Long Beach – can’t recall the restaurant’s name though.  Ivan had a mushroom soup and a tuna sandwich.  I had a banana pad se-eaw.  Jennifer had spaghetti with prawns and mushrooms.

We went to the beach to chill out. This beach was really really beautiful. Amazingly white sand and the water was paradise blue and very warm. We had time to waste since we would be taking a boat to Railay, Krabi later on.  We put our stuff down right under a big tree.  Jennifer laid on the beach reading.  Ivan swam a little.


He liked feeding the fish right by the shore. He only had to walk in the water a little bit and there were loads of fish swimming around….and even more came when Ivan fed them with some bread he had gotten from the restaurant where we had lunch.   I took a monkey nap on the hammock.

We got a boat back.  Ivan and Jennifer gathered the backpacks at the Pirates House.  We headed to the pier.  We got on the boat headed to Railay which is on Krabi.  The boat took 1 1/2 hours.


A smaller boat took us to Railay.  We checked in to the Railay Princess Resort and Spa.  The resort is really nice and has a great infinity pool.

Raily Princess Resort

We walked around to find a nice restaurant for dinner.  We ended up at the Diamond Restaurant at the Diamond Cave Resort.  I picked the buffet since it included banana fritters.  Ivan and Jennifer each ordered sizzling chicken.  The sizzling chicken comes out on a plate that’s on fire.


Then, the waiter adds the chicken.  Then it’s really sizzling when it’s brought to the table.


It takes awhile before the smoke disappears.  Then the dish is ready to eat.  Ivan and Jennifer really liked the sizzling chicken.


Jennifer said the chicken was caramelized since it was on fire.  I enjoyed the banana fritters.  I thought it was a race so I ate all the banana fritters they had.  They kept bringing more out!  I’m just glad there weren’t any monkeys eating at the restaurant.  My belly was so big since it was filled to the brim with banana fritters.

We walked to the Joy Bar.  Here, Jennifer and Ivan had a drink.


I had a sweet banana and papaya shake.  The music was different and cool.

We walked to Railay West.  It’s where the beach is located.  It’s only a few minutes away from our resort.  We sat down at the Railay Beach Resort.  Ivan was using the free internet.  Ivan enjoyed his mushroom soup and a tuna burger.  Jennifer ordered a roasted chicken salad and a banana shake.  I had a Tom Yum Soup with bananas.  Jennifer’s salad was small.  I liked my soup.  Ivan went in the water for a short time.

We walked back to the resort.  Ivan wanted to head to the infinity pool.  We grabbed our stuff and went to the pool.  Ivan and Jennifer chose a few lounge chairs under an umbrella.  I laid down.  It’s a great pool area.


We chilled on the lounge chairs.  Ivan and Jennifer went swimming in the pool.  The water was very warm.  Jennifer did a cannonball on the diving board.  There was only a few other people in the pool area.  It’s very relaxing lying down on a lounge chair.  I was reading my book ‘Unique Banana Dishes’.  It started raining.  Everybody left the pool except us.  I stayed under the umbrella so I wouldn’t get wet.  Ivan and Jennifer remained in the pool.  They moved to the part of the pool that has jets.  The rain didn’t affect them.  They were having a good time still.  The rain stopped a few minutes later.  Shortly after, we went back to the room.

We walked to Railay West for dinner.  We looked at the Flame Tree menu and thought it was looked good.


Ivan ordered fish with three flavors.  Jennifer got the grilled chicken with mango salad.  I got a banana and fish dish with rice.  The food was really good…in fact so good that Ivan decided to order another portion of the fish dish as soon as he had finished the previous one. I told him that was a lot of food and it may not be a good idea to get the dish again, but he insisted he was okay as he was so hungry.

Anyway, once he finished his second helping, he didn’t feel to good at all..I think he was ‘fished’ out. He apologized to me for not listening to my advice, and brought my a banana to say sorry and promised that he would listen to me in the future when I tell him not to order so much food!

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