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You buy from me?

You buy from me?

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up early on November 10, 2008.  We had breakfast at the Highland Bakery.  Then, we were off on our trek around Sapa, Vietnam for a day and a half.  The other people who were also going were an Israeli couple and a Swiss girl named Marina.  Our guide was a local guy named Luong.  He was nice.  He talked with a lisp and his breath smelled bad.  We started walking and arrived at Lao Cai.  There we had lunch.  It included bananas, egg omelet, bread and apples.  We walked more.  Luckily, it was an easy trek.  The local village ladies were following us. 


They would hold on to Jennifer’s hand helping down rocks.  One of the ladies made Jennifer and Ivan a little horse.  We found out that the village ladies make different things like purses or hats.  They take a bus from the village into Sapa.  There they try to sell their goods.  This is their only form of income.  The husbands stay at home cleaning and building things.  It was nice trekking around.  The scenery was just beautiful!  We saw lots of rice paddies.


Sometimes we’d step in mud though.  The local ladies wanted us to buy things from them.  It seems they were only talking to us and helping us was to get on our good side to buy things.  Even the little girls will come up to you saying You buy from me?  It gets a little annoying when they won’t stop saying it even though you already said no.  Ivan would turn it around on them and say You buy from me? and pull out something he owned. 

We arrived at the homestay around 3:15 pm.  The homestay is a local’s home where they allow people to stay.  We had some Vietnamese tea.  Jennifer thought it was bitter.  Ivan liked it a lot.  We walked to the river.  Jennifer and I walked back since it was a little cold.  Jennifer met a German couple who were also staying at the homestay.  Some guys were catching some fish right behind the house.  It was going to be for our dinner.  Ivan told us that there was going to be a surprise tonight.  We had dinner at 5:30 pm.  It was a family style Vietnamese dinner.  It was really good.  I had a nice banana and vegetables dish.  Our guide Luong told us that one of the dishes was dog.  So, that was the surprise!  A few of us were horrified.  A few people did try it and said it was good.  Jennifer decided to try it since she thought she’d regret it if she didn’t.  She said it was good, but it tasted like beef.  So, I guess everything doesn’t taste like chicken after all.  Luong kept pouring rice wine for the adults.  Oh, I wish I could have had some!  

After dinner, Ivan started doing some card tricks.  He’s really good at it!  Jennifer is still baffled by the tricks.  She has figured out a few of them since she sees them a lot.  Ivan also tried some hypnosis.  The Israeli guy Monty wasn’t taking it seriously though.  The house was like a barn.  There were windows but no glass on them.  So, it was really cold inside.  Thank goodness they had some extra blankets. 

We woke up early again on November 11, 2008.  We had banana and chocolate pancakes.  I had four of them!  They were good.  Ivan informed everybody that the dish last night wasn’t dog.  He told Luong to say that.  So, Jennifer didn’t actually have dog.  We set off on our trek at 10 am. 


We were trekking for about one and a half hour.  It wasn’t so hard today since we weren’t trekking as much. 


We did see the local ladies again saying You buy from me? again.  We saw a great waterfall.  We stopped for lunch.  We had noodle soup with omelet.  I had two bananas.  We trekked for 20 more minutes.  Then we waited for the bus for a couple of minutes.  We were driven back to Sapa.  It was a great trekking trip!

Ivan and Jennifer went to check in at the Royal Sapa Hotel.  We relaxed in the hotel and watched some tv. 


It was good to be back in Sapa.  We decided to get some dinner.  We went to the other Little Sapa restaurant.  It was good food again.  We did get banana and apple spring rolls.  It was good, but I prefer the banana and shrimp ones.  We were all tired from the trip so we were in bed early.

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