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Sightseeing and Food

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to Notre Dame on October 26, 2009. 


It’s very impressive inside. 


The stained glass windows are very pretty.

We took a walk on Ille St. Louis Island.  There are lots of quaint shops on the island.  We stopped by a place that has famous ice cream.  I had a nice banana while Ivan and Jen each had chocolate.  It was a small portion on a cone.  Ivan and Jen thought the chocolate was really intense and thick.  We went back for more.  I got banana again.  Ivan and Jennifer each tried the strawberry sorbet.  They loved the strawberry as well.

It was time to walk around the city more.  We went over bridges and down by the Seine River.  We stopped off for a crepe with some cider. 

We went to the Eiffel Tower but the lines were way too long.  So, we decided we’d come back the next day.

We took a boat tour down the Seine River.  It was cool to see all the buildings lit up at night. 


Ivan and Jen had some wine during the boat ride.  They got a bit tipsy. 


Ivan took some pictures, but most of the pictures didn’t turn out so good.

After the tour, we walked along a street filled with restaurants.  Ivan and Jen chose a Greek and French restaurant called Acropolis.  Ivan and Jen decided to get the set menu.  They started off with onion soup and a salad with goats cheese on bread.  They shared the two main courses of chicken and salmon. 


I got a nice mousaka with bananas.  The food was definitely better than last night.  Ivan and Jen shared the creme brulee and a chocolate tart for dessert.  The restaurant was really fun because the waiter was really talkative and excited. 


We headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Ivan, Jennifer and I went out to get lunch at Sensing Guy Martin on October 27, 2009.   It’s a very posh restaurant that Ivan booked on Toptable for a 50% discount.  It’s pretty fancy inside.  Jennifer felt a little underdressed.  I told her that now she knows how it feels to go around all the time totally naked like I do. 

Ivan and Jen started off with a crab dish that looked like it took ages to prepare. 


It was an actual crab shell but it had crab meat inside and foam.  It was completely bland.

Ivan and Jen shared the two main courses of cod and a sea bass dish. 


The cod was even worse than the crab dish.  It just had no flavor at all.  The presentation was nice with a jellied octopus on top.  The sea bass was slightly tastier but not anything special – especially with the prices the restaurant was charging.  I had a really plain banana risotto. 

Ivan and Jen shared a chocolate tartin.  It was absolutely divine!  They wished that they ordered two.

After lunch, we walked through the park. 


We saw some old men play bowls.  A drunk French guy refused to leave the bowling area.  The other guys were mad that he was eating on the playing area.  The drunk guy threw his false teeth on the ground.  The police were called and they escorted him out of the park.  How funny!

We walked out of the park and went to Pierre Patiserie. 


It’s a really posh bakery place.  They’re known for their tasty macaroons.  Ivan bought 6 macaroons for a snack.  Ivan and Jennifer liked the passion fruit and chocolate ones.  I was sad that they didn’t have banana macaroons.

We walked around the city more.  It was nice walking down along the Seine River.  We chilled by the river.


It was time to visit the Eiffel Tower. 


We got in the wrong line.  The other line was longer, so it was alright.  But, Ivan and Jen had to walk up to the second level.  It was a long walk!  Jennifer didn’t like it.  I’m so lucky I can ride on Ivan or Jen’s backs while they do all the hard work!  We got an elevator to the top. 


The views were amazing!  It was cold at the top with the wind blowing hard.  Jennifer almost lost her beret since it was so windy.

We went to the restaurant Dans Le Jardin.  We were very late for our reservation.  The waiter wasn’t very happy, but he dealt with it.  We didn’t think the Eiffel Tower would take so long!  Ivan and Jen got the set menu.

For a starter, Ivan and Jen got the gazpacho which tasted average.  The next dish was a tasty goats cheese everrine with figs and salmon.  I had a great banana encrusted chicken dish. 


Ivan and Jen shared the crusty salmon pie with tarragon and wheat risotto and trout medallions with tomato.  They really liked their main courses! We were so glad to finally have an awesome French meal in Paris.  Dessert was a selection of cheeses which were scrumptious.  Jennifer didn’t like one of the smelly ones though.  I had a banana cake and it was tasty.  Ivan and Jen also shared the white chocolate and red fruit charlotte.  What a tasty meal!

We headed back to the hotel satisfied.



Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Park Plaza Vondelpark on October 24, 2009.  We took a tram to the train station. 

We got a train into Paris.  It was evening when we arrived in Paris.  We hopped on the metro to the hotel.  It’s nice that the Metro is across the street from our hotel.

We checked in to Citadines Place D’Italie.  The room was average, but it was handy having a kitchen.  We were all tired.  Ivan bought food at the local Carrefour.  He got Cambert cheese but it was smelly and tasted bad – so he threw it away. 

Ivan cooked some ravioli.  The ravioli wasn’t very good though.  We watched tv on the laptop and then went to sleep.

Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast in the room on October 25, 2009.  We got the metro to the meeting place for the bike tour.  We were going on a tour with Bike About Tours

We took off on our bikes. 


We stopped at many places like Jim Morrisson’s house, The Bastille, The Louvre and Notre Dame.  The tour took us to the backstreets of Paris and not all the main sites. 


Since it was Sunday, it was really quiet on the streets.  We stopped in the Latin Quarter for a break.  There’s a street that has lots of cafes and shops.  We stopped by a bakery.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a chocolate croissant and a delicious creme brulee. 


I had a croissant and put bananas inside it. 

It was time to move on.  We stopped at other sites like Museé D’orsay, The Pompideau Centre and Tuileries Gardens. 


We did see the Eiffel Tower in the distance as well.  The tour was good.  It’s always great to see the city when you’re on a bike or a vehicle.

Our guide gave us a sheet with tons of recommendations of places to go.  He also recommended a restaurant for us.  We walked to the restaurant.  The waitress pretended she didn’t speak any English.  I think she was just being snobby.

We ended up grabbing some crepes to eat.  Ivan and I shared a nice banana and nutella crepe.  Jennifer had a great cheese crepe.

Next, we walked to the Pompadeau Centre.  We saw street entertainment.  Ivan and Jen really wanted to see a mime – but there weren’t any in the area.


Our next stop was The Louvre.  There’s lots of artwork but also relics and sculptures. 


We saw the Mona Lisa.  It’s behind glass.

We also saw the Venus de Milo. 


We walked around to check out the art.  We had to leave since it was closing time.

We took a nice walk along the Seine River.  It was time for dinner.  We walked to a restaurant Ivan wanted to visit.  It was closed though.  We were really starving at this point.  So, we chose a nearby cafe.  I don’t recall the name.  Sorry about not putting the names of places.  Jennifer writes it down in a little notebook.  Unfortunately, she lost her notebook in Amsterdam.  The meal turned out horrible.  Ivan had an onion soup which tasted like a store bought packet.  I had a banana pasta which had no flavor.  Ivan and Jen had a salad which was alright. 


The main dish was a boring salmon with pasta. 

After dinner, we walked around and checked out the souvenirs. 


Exploring Amsterdam

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to The Amstelkring Museum on October 22, 2009.  In 1663, this place was a secret church.  At that time, Catholics weren’t allowed to practice their religion in public.  A lady from the tour last night told us about this church.                                

The church is located in the attic. 


We didn’t think it would be so big. 


It has an organ, lots of artwork and religious things inside. 

Next, we went to the Anne Frank House.  Luckily, there was only a short line – so we didn’t have to wait very long to get in.  Ivan and Jennifer read the book a long time ago.  I’ve never read it, so I didn’t really understand what the house represented.  The house was set up like the place they lived in.  There were also interviews playing with friends and Anne’s father Otto.  It’s really sad to imagine what they had to live through. 

We walked around the city some more.


For dinner, we went to Semhar Ethiopian Restaurant.  Ivan had an Ethiopian banana beer that was served in a coconut shell. 


Ivan let me smell it, but not taste it.  It smelled really good!  Jennifer had a tea.  I had a banana juice.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a traditional dish which was served on a huge plate that was covered by a sombrero. 


It was a big pancake with fish and vegetables to eat.  I had a big pancake with bananas and vegetables.  The food was really tasty.  It filled us up.

We headed back to the hotel to get rest.

Jennifer and I were in a funky mood on October 23, 2009.  We weren’t sure why. 

We went to find a tandem bike to rent.  We went to a few different places and either they didn’t have one or their tandem bike was broken.  We were about to give up.  But, then we went to another bike shop and got one.

Ivan and Jen drove the tandem bike around the city.  It was quite fun. 


We rode around the park. 

We stopped to a see a breakdancing show. 


The guys were entertaining.

We returned the bike at the shop.  We got a tram back to the hotel.  It was time to chill out for awhile.

We went out to eat at Le Garden Restaurant.  We all had a salad from the buffet.  Ivan had a terrible sweet potato curry.  I had a banana rice dish. 


Jennifer ordered a tasty vegetable lasagna.

We went to Escape Nightclub.  It was great dancing to Paul Van Dyk.  He’s great at mixing awesome beats. 




Ivan, Jennifer and I  arrived in Amsterdam on October 20, 2009.  We got a tram to our hotel.  We checked in to Park Plaza Vondelpark.

We had lunch at Mech.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a chicken and avocado baguette.  I had a banana and chicken one.  It was very tasty!


We walked around Amsterdam.  Ivan and Jennifer had some yummy fries. 

We stopped by the Old Sailor bar.  Ivan and Jen had raspberry beer while I had a banana juice. 

For dinner, we went to Maoz.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a falafel with hummus.  I had a falafel with bananas.

We watched Robbie Williams Live from Camden at the movie theatre.  It was good.  Some of the new songs aren’t the best.  Robbie says the songs on the albums are growers.  No the songs don’t grow bananas, but they do grow on you the more you play them.

Ivan, Jenifer and I slept in late on October 21, 2009.   Jennifer used the internet and relaxed.  Ivan and I went out to buy tickets for the show tonight featuring BT and Ferry Corsten.  Ivan grabbed some baguettes from Mech on the way back to the hotel.

We went into town by tram.  We stopped at a sex museum. 


There was art and statues that related to sex.

We went into town and went to the Victoria Hotel.  Here we met up a group of people.  We were heading on Randy Roy’s Redlight Tour.  Randy Roy turned out to be an American woman named Kimberly.  She took us around the Red Light District.  She showed us where Eminem supposedly hangs out.  It was very interesting to learn the history of the area.  We saw the famous windows with the ladies in them.  There’s an area with women  in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  The city shut down about 50 of the Red Light windows to put art displays.  You can’t buy the art, but it usually just shows a product and then a website.  I guess they’re trying to clean up the place but the art displays aren’t really working. It’s impossible for anybody to open a new coffee shop.  We saw the place where Quentin Tarantino wrote Pulp Fiction.  We finished the tour in a gay pub that overlooked a canal.  The tour was very informative.  We talked to the other people in the tour for awhile. 

Everybody was hungry.  Ivan, Jennifer and I walked to Bird, a Thai restaurant nearby.  Ivan and Jen started off with fish cakes, but they didn’t taste very good.  I had a great banana noodle dish.  Ivan and Jen shared the tasty chicken.  Although it had too much peanut sauce. 


They also shared a great tom yum soup and a green chicken curry. 

Our next stop was the Paradiso nightclub.  We headed inside.  We came to see BT and Ferry Corsten.    There were two guys dressed like the Mario Brothers with their red suspenders.  The people who were with them had a cut out face of one of the guys.  Jennifer decided to take a picture with them. 


We all had a good time dancing the night away.


Fun Bike Tour

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Alcatraz Hostel on October 19, 2009.  We stored our luggage in the storage area.  We took the train to Alexandraplatz.  We met up with the Fat Tire Bike Tours. Our guide was an Australian guy named Randall who was hilarious.


One of our stops was Checkpoint Charlie.  We also saw where Hitler’s bunker is located.  It’s actually a parking lot right now.  But, the bunker is still below. 


There was the last watch tower in Berlin.  Of course, we saw the Berlin Wall. 


They have a fence around it, so people don’t steal parts of the wall for a souvenir.  You can buy small chunks of the Berlin Wall in the souvenir shops on a postcard or alone.  Our guide was really informative and kept us laughing throughout the tour. 

Berlin is very flat so it was easy biking around it.  Luckily, we had nice weather.

We stopped at a Beer Garden named Schleusenkrug.  I had a banana and chicken salad.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the tomato soup, roasted pumpkin salad and oyster mushrooms with tagliatelle. 


The food was awesome!  Ivan and Jen each got a warm glass of red wine.

The tour went to many other places like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. 


The memorial contains 1217 blocks of different heights.  You could definitely get lost in there.  It would be a perfect place to play hide n’ seek. 

Other places we saw were the Reichstag and the Victoria Column.


Our tour was supposed to only last 4 1/2 hours, but it actually ended up being 7 hours long!  We loved it though.  The hours just flew by.  This is our second tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours – our first one was London. 


Randall was a great guide!  We had a fun time riding around Berlin and learning about its history.

We grabbed some bagels for dinner.  We got a train back to the hostel.  We retrieved our luggage.  We hung out there for a few hours.  We all used the internet.  It’s great that the hostel offers free internet for it’s guests.

We got a train to the train station.  We waited a couple minutes since the trains were running behind.  We got on a sleeper train headed for Amsterdam.  Our beds were at the top with three beds on each side.


Tours and Water Music

Ivan, Jennifer and I had Subway for lunch on October 17, 2009.  We chilled at the hostel for the day.

At night, we met up at the Yesterday Bar for the 666 Anti Pub Crawl.  The bar had some great decor.  Our guide was an American lady with dreadlocks.  We waited a few minutes in the bar to wait for other people to arrive. 

The group took a train to the Ping Pong bar.  People were playing the game Around the World.  Anybody who wants to play goes around the ping pong table.  Each person must hit the ball – if you miss, you’re out of the game.  So, you keep playing until somebody wins.  Everybody was taking it so seriously – how boring!  Plus, there was no prize for the winner.  The bar was really plain inside.  Ivan played two rounds but he didn’t stay in the game long. 

Next, we headed to a goth bar called Last Cathedral.  It had lots of kewl decor inside. 


Ivan and Jen each had an Absinthe drink.  I had a nice cold banana juice.  We chilled for a little while.

We went to a gar bar.  It was pink and fluffy inside.  It was far too busy inside though.  We decided to go outside.  Our leader was nice, but she wasn’t very talkative.  She would just tell us what kind of bar we were at, but she didn’t provide any further details. 

We were going to head to another bar.  It was stupid because we were recently near there.  We had to take another train there.  So, we weren’t sure why we didn’t go there before.  The tour wasn’t very good.  We did see some kewl bars.  It would have been nice to have a better guide.  We wanted to check out the Panorama bar.  Ivan hailed a taxi.  When we arrived, the line was really long to get in.  We just told the taxi driver to take us back to the hostel. 

Ivan, Jennifer and I grabbed a Subway for lunch on October 18, 2009.  We got a taxi to the start of the Alternative Berlin Tour.  We got there a few minutes late.  The group must have left already.  Ivan ran to try to find them.  Thankfully, he found them. 


First, we went to an old department store that is now filled with squatters, artists and graffiti artists.  It was an interesting place.


We walked around and checked out lots of graffiti. 


There was another squat house.  It was filled with lots of art, postcards and jewelry.  We had a great tour guide who was very informative.  We enjoyed the tour seeing all the great graffiti and the squat houses where the artists work.

We went to Liquidrom next.  It’s a spa that has steam rooms, pools and a jacuzzi.  The jacuzzi was located outside but it was boiling hot.  Ivan and Jen ran to the jacuzzi and sat there for awhile.  I chilled on a lounge chair and read my Growing Better Bananas book. 

Ivan and Jennifer went to check out the Floatation pool. 


It’s very dim in this huge room.  There’s lovely electronic music playing.  They both put some floaties under their arms and head.  Then, they put their ears in the water.  They could hear the music playing underwater.  It was really relaxing floating around and listening to the cool music.

Ivan and Jen had an awesome avocado bagel.  I had a great banana bagel.

Ivan and Jen went inside the steam room.  They went in the Floatation pool again.  They got dressed and then we left the spa.

We walked to an Italian restaurant nearby.  Ivan and Jen shared a tomato soup.  It tasted okay.  They also had some wine that wasn’t very good.  I had a baked ziti with bananas.  It wasn’t very flavorful. 


Ivan and Jen shared a ravioli and pasta with tubes.  It was very tasteless. 

We got a train back to hostel.  We decided to use the internet and then get some sleep.


A Sex Show and Clan of Xymox in Berlin

Ivan, Jennifer and I got a train to the center of town on October 15, 2009.  We had some noodles at an asian place. 

It was sooo very cold out.  The wind was freezing.  Ivan and Jen each bought a jumper to wear over their jackets. 

We walked down the main street.  We stopped and went inside a bar.  Ivan had a tasty banana beer. 


I had a few sips and it was really good!  Jennifer had a cherry beer.

We walked to the Sony Centre.  We watched the movie Away We Go.  It was good. 

We walked to a German restaurant near our hotel for dinner.  The food wasn’t very good.  Ivan and Jen had a chicken dish.  I had a banana schnitzel.  Germans are not known for their food.  It was pretty tasteless.

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Best Western City OST on October 16, 2009.  We got the train to the Alcatraz Hostel.  We checked in there.

We walked to Subway for lunch.  It seems to be the only place nearby that serves lunch. 

I stayed at the hostel to work on the blog.  Plus, Ivan and Jen were heading to a place only for adults.  Jennifer will now write about the show they attended.

Ivan and Jennifer hopped on a train to the Venus sex trade show.  The fairgrounds was really big.  There were a couple different rooms like the Fetish Room, Web Area and the Show Area.  There wasn’t many porn stars there.  There were plenty of booths with sex products, dvds and clothes.  The show wasn’t as crazy as we thought it might be.  The Show Area had different shows like a naked dj or a lesbian show.  We saw Ron Jeremy.  He’s not very known in Europe because he had no line at all.  Jennifer took a picture with him. 


We watched some of the shows in the Show Area.  There was a Girls Only section.  Jennifer went in there and saw a bunch of guys dance and play with the girls in the audience. 


Jennifer got picked on since she was right in the front.  It was like a naughty Chippendales show since there was nudity. 

We walked around and got lots of free stuff. 


It was a good show!

We took a train back to the hostel.  We walked to an Indian restaurant near the hostel.  I can’t recall the name.  Ivan and Jen shared some tasty chicken tikka and chicken jalfrezi. 


I had a banana naan and a banana tikka.  We had a great meal!

We got a train.  We walked to the goth club called K17.  Tonight, we were going to see one of Jen’s favorite bands Clan of Xymox. 


Ivan and I didn’t really know any songs.  Jennifer loved it though.  I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing black.  I felt a little out of place.  Jennifer was wearing colors as well.  But, she didn’t care – she was enjoying the music.  She danced around and sang to most of the songs.  After the show, we went back to the hostel to rest.



Ivan, Jennifer and I got a train to Milan on October 14, 2009. 

We walked around to find lunch.  We each had a pizza.  I got one with banana slices.  Ivan had a tuna and onion while Jennifer got margarita.  It tasted alright.


We went inside the Duomo di Milano which is the largest gothic cathedral in the world. 



The cathedral is known for it’s beautiful stained glass windows.  It’s really pretty inside.

We walked around Milan for a little while. 


We found a bar to sit in.  Ivan had a beer.  Jen had an espresso.  I had a banana juice.  I took a little monkey nap while Ivan and Jen watched The Fixer on the laptop. 

We got a coach to the airport.  We boarded a flight headed to Berlin. 

We arrived late.  We got a taxi to the hotel.  We checked in to the Best Western City OST.  It’s really cold in Berlin. Since it’s Germany’s winter already, the hotel doesn’t have air conditioning.  We had to open the window to make the room less stuffy.  Ivan likes the room cold.  We went to bed shortly after.


Tuscan Tour

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up early on October 13, 2009.  We walked to the train station to meet a bus.  Today, we were going on a Tuscan Tour. 

The bus was packed.  The views were amazing on our way to Siena.  It was a great day out! 

We arrived in Siena.  Our tour guide walked us to meet our Siena guide.  It was a local woman.  She took us to the oldest bank in the world. 


We saw a really big square.  Next, we visited a cathedral. 



There was lots of great artwork with vivid colors inside.  It also had amazing old murals on the floor.


We stopped to listen to a girl playing some amazing music.  I’m not sure what the instrument was called.  She was really talented.  We wanted to listen more but we had a limited time.  Watch the short video of the music below.

Music in Siena:

We walked to the main square and stopped for some ice cream.  We met the group in the square and walked back to the bus.

We drove to San Gimignano.  We stopped at Fattoria Poggio Alloro.  It’s a farm.  We looked at the wine facilities. 

It was time for lunch.  Ivan was getting vegetarian dishes.  We first got bread with extra virgin olive oil.  Ivan had pasta with tomato sauce.  Jen got pasta with meat sauce.  I had pasta with tomato sauce and bananas.  Next, Ivan got an omelet while I got a banana.  Jennifer got salami and ham.  Next, we received some tasty cheese.  All the dishes came with wine.  Ivan and Jen drank plenty!  We got some crostini next.  All the food that was served was made at the farm except for the cheese.  It was a great meal!  Ivan was talking with an older American lady during lunch who kept talking about her life.  She was really friendly. 

Ivan and Jen were feeling a bit drunk after all that wine.  They took some photos on the balcony. 


It’s a beautiful view.

Ivan picked up some wine for 5 Euros in the farm’s shop.  We walked back to the bus.

We were driven to San Geronimo next.  We went to the main square and admired all the tall buildings around it.


Jennifer loves the squares.  She wishes Vegas had some big squares too.

We stopped by an ice cream place that has award winning ice cream.  It was really creamy and tasted awesome.

We walked around and found a cheese shop.  Ivan and Jen purchased some tasty pecorino cheese.  They ate some and Jen decided to keep the rest for later on.

Our next stop was Pisa.  We saw the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. 


I don’t know how it remains standing with how it’s slanted is.

We were driven back to Florence.  Our Tuscan tour was lots of fun.

We walked back to the hostel.  We were stuffed from all the food we consumed.  We stopped at a store to buy some grapes and yogurt for dinner. 



Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Aurelia Vatican Apartments on October 11, 2009.  Sam gave us a ride to the metro station. 

Ivan and Jen had risotto and pasta at a restaurant in the train station.  I had a banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan bought some extra food for the train ride.  The train ride to Florence lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

We checked in to Plus Florence Hostel.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan and Jennifer used the internet.

We walked around to find a place for dinner.  We decided on Del Cellini. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared the tasty riboletta tuscan soup.  I had a pasta dish with bananas.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the tagliatelle pasta and a good tuna and onion pizza. 

After dinner, we walked around and saw some churches.  We saw a replica of Michelangelo’s David statue. 


We all had some good ice cream for dessert.  We walked back to the hostel to get some rest.

I worked on the blog on October 12, 2009.  It started raining really hard.

For lunch, we went to Mario’s.  It’s a traditional Italian place with no printed menu and shared tables.  The menu was listed on the wall.  There was too much meat on the menu and no bananas!  Good thing I brought a few bananas with me.  Ivan had the riboletta tuscan soup.  It’s a traditional Italian soup which actually means reboiled.  Back in the day, they would use day old bread to put in the soup.  We each had pasta with tomato sauce.  I had to add bananas to mine.  The meal turned out alright.

The rain stopped and the day turned out nice.  We walked around the city.  We all bought some ice cream.  Ivan and Jen had chocolate and raspberry.  I had banana and banana.  It was nice. 


We went inside the Il Duomo.  It’s beautiful on the outside.  It’s pretty nice inside as well. 


There’s some amazing artwork in the dome.

We walked around some more. 


We walked to a great bridge.  Then, we went inside a wine bar.  The wine guy was busy with a group.  So, we had a guy who didn’t know much about wine.  Ivan and Jen shared a cheese plate and each got a glass of Chianti wine. 


I had some banana juice.  Most of the cheeses were good.  There was an aged cheese that Jennifer didn’t like at all.  She said it tasted off, but it should since it’s aged!

We walked back to the bridge. 


We checked out the gold shops.  We headed back to the hostel for a short rest.

We went out late for dinner.  We wanted to check out a place recommended on tripadvisor.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t many non-meat dishes on the menu.  We went to the place next door.  I had banana and chicken manicotti. Ivan and Jennifer shared the pecorino cheese ravioli and a vegetable pizza. 


The pizza wasn’t as tasty as the night before.  It was really weird that the restaurant didn’t serve any wine, only beer.

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